Google Now Launched for iOS


Google Now is finally available for iOS devices through Google search app for iOS. Google. It was previously available for Android devices. Google Now allows users to ask anything from their device.

Google Now iOS

Google Now was launched back in June 2012 when Google launched Android Jelly Bean. Google Now pulls information from Google’s services connected with your Google account.

Google’s vice president of Search and Assist for Mobile, Johanna Wright believes that Google Now is the next phase of search that answers users’ query without need of typing.

Google Now delivers relevant information in pop-up window called cards. Google now access your emails, calenders and other services to remind you various important things like your meeting or flight. Users can set updates from their favourite sports team ad breaking news updates. Users only need to enable cards for the information they want from Google Now.

Unlike Android version, users need to open the search app to use the Google Now pop-up cards.

Google search app for iOS also becomes faster with this update. Now it also allows full screen image search. Users can also swipe away webpages to quickly return to search results.

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