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Best OnePlus 6T Cases, Covers And Tempered glasses

Oneplus 6t
Oneplus 6t


If you have just bought OnePlus 6T, you have already received a good transparent case to keep it protected. But that is not very good looking. If you are the one who likes to use good looking cases on your phone, you wish to get one. The official cases from OnePlus are also expensive, so not people can think of buying those. In this article, I am listing the best cases and covers for OnePlus 6T. I am including the cases for all the price segment. So, you are most likely to get the one for you.

Here, I am listing both official and unofficial cases and covers. You can use any of these depending on your choice.

Best OnePlus 6T Cases And Covers

1. Amozo Hybrid Rugged Armor Case for OnePlus 6T

Amozo Hybrid Rugged Armor Case for OnePlus 6T

If you usually drop your phone, you need a strong case to keep your phone protected. This Amozo Hybrid Rugged Armor Case for OnePlus 6T is made of soft TPU and hard polycarbonate materials. So, it offers enhanced impact protection to keep your phone safe from all corners.

Amozo Hybrid Rugged Armor Case for OnePlus 6TIt is easy to remove and install. It also has a washable build that is anti-fingerprint and anti-scratch. It also has raised lips to protect the screen and camera bump.

Price: Rs. 599

Buy Here: Amazon

2. BIGZOOK Carbon Textured Case

BIGZOOK Carbon Textured Case

This one is the textured case for OnePlus 6T. It looks beautiful and offers protection for your phone. It has a two-layer design where the bottom part features carbon texture pattern for better grip and top features a smooth shiny surface It is also easy to remove and install. It has Heat Dissipation Design and is flexible and tear resistant.

Price: Rs. 401

Buy Here: Amazon

3. TARKAN OnePlus 6T Leather Textured Case

TARKAN OnePlus 6T Leather Textured Case

This one is rugged shock Proof HQ rubberized back cover and looks good. It protects the phone from dust, scratching and shock without making your phone bulky. It has raised lip at the front and back to protect the screen.

Price: Rs. 299

Buy Here: Amazon

4. OnePlus 6T Flip cover

OnePlus 6T Flip cover

If you are the fan of the flip cover, you can consider this one. This is the official flip cover for OnePlus 6T. It is made of PU leather that’s smooth to the touch. It is slim and lightweight. This cover also has a place to put the credit cards in it.

Price: Rs. 1299

Buy Here: OnePlus Store

5. OnePlus 6T Protective Case Karbon

OnePlus 6T Protective Case Karbon

This one is another official case from OnePlus. It has raised edges to prevent the display from touching the surface. It is Flexible, sturdy, and lightweight. The case is made of Special fibers to look good.

Price: Rs. 1490

Buy Here: OnePlus Store

6. Fablue Premium Flexible Soft Anti Slip TPU Case

Fablue Premium Flexible Soft Anti Slip TPU Case

This back cover for OnePlus 6T comes in three different colors. It is anti-fingerprint, anti-scratch and a washable case that has Heat Dissipation Design. It gives access to all controls without blocking any port. It offers 360 Degree Protection to the phone.

Price: Rs. 499

Buy Here: Amazon

7. SANCHAR’S Flip Cover

SANCHAR Flip Cover

If you think the official Flip cover is too costly, you can go with this alternate slipcover by SANCHAR. It comes in three different colors and is made of Synthetic PU Leather with top-grade hand feeling. It protects the screen of your phone. It covers every corner priorly and keeps your phone safe.

Price: Rs. 799

Buy Here: Amazon

OnePlus 6t Tempered glasses

OnePlus 6T features a thin protection on the display, but you need to put a good tempered glass to avoid scratches and keep display safe from accidental falls.

Here I am listing best tempered glasses for OnePlus 6T.