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5 Best non-contact infrared thermometers to buy

Best non-contact infrared thermomete
Best non-contact infrared thermomete

Infrared thermometers are very popular among pediatricians to measure the body temperature of infants. Mainly because most kids don’t have the patience to sit and comply with doctor’s instructions, or to anyone’s instructions as such. However, with the outbreak of contagion Coronavirus or COVID-19 has pushed healthcare providers to embrace infrared thermometers for its “non-contact” measuring ability. Not only hospitals but infrared thermometers have become or are set to become an intrinsic routine checkpoint for commercial organizations for allowing employees to enter office premises. Even many households across the country are replacing traditional thermometer with infrared ones.

As in the case of any product in a market whose demand is increasing day-by-day, here too, many industry players are trying to address the gap. With so many options available in the market, we have curated a list of brands consumers can trust for their high-quality non-contact infrared thermometers.

While buying an infrared thermometer, you need to consider some of the important factors including Accuracy, Response Speed, Memory Function, Units, Backlit Display, battery life, and Consistency. The eruct should also be easy to use and easy to clean. You should also purchase the product from the brand with good after-sales service.

Best non-contact infrared thermometers

1. Dr. Trust Non-Contact Forehead Temporal Artery

Dr. Trust is a USA-based brand, and its products are available in India as well. The brand has been supplying infrared thermometers for a long time now, and they have a few options in this category. The cheapest option from the brand is Non-Contact Forehead Temporal Artery and costs Rs. 4499. This Thermometer comes with six months Warranty and can accurately measure temperate in less than 3 seconds. This one is good for personal usage at home. It shows temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. You can enable one based on your choice. There’s a large LCD screen with a color-coded backlight to show temperature. This product also features 30 results memory. It also has a Fever alarm to alert if body temperature is high. The measuring distance is 5cm.

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2. ZOOOK Infra Temp

French brand ZOOOK is renowned for its innovative consumer technology products and trusted for its high-quality assurance & affordability. The brand has leveraged its access to high-quality material and agility in product development to launch contactless medical-grade thermometers. The ZOOOK Infra Temp is ideal for use in households as well as workplaces, owing to its storage capacity of temperature readings of 30 groups. Besides, it also has an in-built alarm and light-based alert mechanism to warn when the body or surface temperature is above normal. Equipped with Japanese sensors, the device gives measures and gives an accurate result within a second. Ultra-low power consumption, great built quality, and easy-to-handle attributes add to the virtues of the device. It comes with a three-color backlit LCD screen and readings can be easily seen even at night with the help of a large screen display with bright white backlight. It is priced at Rs 3,999.

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3. Omron GentleTemp 720

OMRON offers a range of in-ear contactless infrared thermometers. These thermometers come with a large backlit display that enables users to use the device during the night time conveniently. The GentleTemp 720 infrared thermometer is good to read body temperature via the forehead surface, without contact. Interestingly, the thermometer has 3-in-1 measurement capabilities to read temperature – forehead, surface, and room temperature. It also has memory storage for 25 readings and hence one can keep track of the temperature to monitor trends.

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4. Dr.Morepen NCT-02

With the non-contact infrared technology, Dr.MorepenThermosmart Infrared Thermometer NCT-02 lets you know the temperature from a few centimeters away from a person’s body, minimizing the risk of exposure to infections. One can also easily measure the temperature of bathing water or feeding bottles for infants. The device features a large LED backlight display to read the results from a distance. It takes about 2-seconds to measure and showcase the temperature. The thermometer has a unique gun-style design along with a stand at the bottom which makes it easier to carry, use, and store. The brand also has a different kind of infrared thermometer.

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5. Fluke 59 Mini

Fluke is a renowned brand when it comes to calibration tools, electrical tools, software, and more. The company is a trusted brand for industrial supplies, including infrared thermometers. Fluke 59 Mini is a good one from the brand also the cheapest of their offering. It comes in small size, so it can easily fit in the pocket. This infrared thermometer offers precise measurements with ± 2% basic accuracy.

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This is the list of best non-contact infrared thermometers for your office, shop, or home.


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