9 Best Anti pollution mask in India to protect from Air Pollution | 2018

PM 2.5 Pollution Mask
PM 2.5 Pollution Mask

Delhi is facing the worst condition of Air Pollution and this situation is not going to be fine soon. We just need excuses to escape from responsibilities. Last year, we started blaming Diwali and crackers. This time we are finding another excuse to escape. By making excuses to escape from responsibilities, we are putting ourselves in danger.

We must start acting in place of writing social media posts. Reduce the carbon footprint. Every small step matters. Use fewer vehicles, try to be aware and call for awareness. Push government to make strict rules and follow those rules without thinking about your comfort.

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Just for the sake of comfort, we have already done so many wrong things and affected out environment badly. Increasing population is the main cause of all these things. The Large population needs a larger area to live, more factories to work and more consumes more natural resources. Call for awareness, do something fruitful in place of just escaping from this.

In the meantime, you also need to take care of your health. Air Pollution affects badly but its impact is not instant. So, most of the people ignore it. Considering the situation outside, you should start using Anti Air Pollution mask. In place of using the cheap Air Pollution mask, go with a good one. Cheap pollution mask doesn’t protect much and life is also very short. So, I decided to write about good Anti air pollution masks. See the list of 5 best Anti air pollution masks you can buy.

Note: All these masks come in sizes and the size depends on your weight. So, select wisely by checking the product description. Air masks come with N100, N99, N95 like ratings. Try to get one with the N99 rating or at least N95.

Best Anti pollution mask in India

1. Prana Air Mask

Prana Air Mask

I also reviewed Prana Air Mask a few weeks back. This one has an N95 filter but is worth to note at the top due to its feature. It has a fan inside that keeps proper air flow. So, you can breathe effortlessly. It features 6 Layer Air Purification that includes 2 layers of Activated Carbon to prevent harmful gasses, a layer of Pre-White Filter to stop all particles larger than 0.10 microns, and 2 layers of HEPA to stop all PM 2.5 and PM1 particles larger than 0.3 microns. Purification efficiency 99.95%. It has a rechargeable battery that lasts over 5 hours.

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2. Atlanta Healthcare Cambridge N99 Air Pollution Face Mask

Atlanta healthcare mask

I am personally using this Air Pollution face mask to protect myself from this dangerous pollution in Delhi NCR area.  Atlanta Healthcare offers good quality of Air Pollution masks. It comes in 3 different models: no valve, 1 Valve, and 2 valves. You can get any but having 2 valves are good for running and work. It comes with an adjustable nose clip for a perfect fit. You also have 15 stylish designs to chose from.

This anti-air pollution mast can filter more than 99 percent of particulate pollution including PM10, PM2.5 and even PM0.3. It was also treated with silver which also protects you against the build of germs after long hours of usage. So, this one is good to protect your lungs.

The life is of the mask is around 250 to 300 breathing hours. So, you can use it for months.

Price: Rs. 1400-Rs. 2100

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3. idMASK2


This one is also a good pollution mask to protect you from pollutants in the Air. It has an Airtight fit and is made of Soft Silicone. It fits properly with no gap between the mask and face. It has Triple layer protection that filters particles. It claims to filter out 95% of particles and provide proper air flow.

This mask is for sports persons. So, one can wear it during he sports activities. It is available on different sizes for kids and adults. So make sure you are buying the right one.

Price: Rs. 3000

Buy Here: Amazon

4. Vogmask Masks N99

Geometry N99CV Vogmask

It also has an N99 filter layer, carbon filter and exhales valve. It can filter 99% of airborne particles over .3 microns. It also comes in different design and 1 or 2 valves option. Take care of size while buying it.

Price: Rs. 1800 to Rs. 2000

Buy Here: Flipkart Amazon


Crusaders Marathon and Dart

CRUSADERS also offers different mask options starting at Rs. 599. But the cheaper one is a disposable mask. So, I recommend the washable model priced at Rs. 1250. This N99 mask comes with 4 layers of carbon filter and.5 replacement filters. It offers good protection from air pollution. It also has a valve design.

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6. Repeller N99

Repeller N99

Repeller N99 comes with N99 carbon filter rated to filter PM 2.5 particles. It has adjustable straps and is washable It offers full protection from Pollution by covering your nose. If you use it for 12 hours a day, it will last for around 2 months.

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7. Honeywell PM 2.5 Anti Pollution Face Mask

Honeywell PM 2.5 Pollution Mask

Honeywell also offers PM2.5 anti-pollution masks. The cheaper one is for basic protection and it costs just Rs. 350. There are several models depending on design and vale option. All these masks block PM 2.5 dust, haze, bacteria, influenza viruses, filtration rate up to 95 percent.

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8. Dettol Siti Shield Protect+ N95 Anti-Pollution Mask

Dettol Siti Shield Protect+ N95 Anti-Pollution Mask

This one is the N95 rate, so cheaper. It is another good anti-pollution mask that can remove heat, moisture and carbon dioxide (CO2) along with PM2.5 particles. It has 3-layer filtration of pollution particles PM2.5. It can also remove 99% of bacteria.

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9. Respokare Anti-Pollution Mask

It is another good mask to try. It also comes in two sizes; Regular and Small. The regular one is for adult and small is for kids. It claims to block 98.5% of PM2.5 particulates. It also has Active Respo Layer that neutralizes Active Respo Layer neutralizes ≥ 90% Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), and other toxic gases. This mask is not washable and it lasts for just 40-60 days depending on usage. It also has an indicator that changes colors when it becomes useless.

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Final Words

In this list, I also added the products with cheap price and low efficiency. If you cannot afford the better one, you should buy these to have a protection even if not as strong as in better pollution masks. N99 masks are the best to own and protect your self from Air Pollution.