Prana Air Smart Air Purifying Mask Review

Prana Air Smart Air Purifying Mask Review
Prana Air Smart Air Purifying Mask Review

Problem of Air Pollution is real even if many of us have chosen to close the eyes. You cannot avoid a problem by closing your eyes. So, be ready to face it. You cannot clean Air around you instantly. It will take time and collective effort. But you can always take care of yourself by using Air Purifier and Air Purifying mask. Recently, I started using Prana Air’s recently launched Smart Air Purifying Mask. Based on my experience, here is my review of Smart Air Purifying Mask.

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This air purifying mask looks different than other pollution mast you may have seen. It has plastic build that makes it look bulky but it is not. The weight is 78 grams. It has rubber layer on the corners to give you proper comfort and this layer also seals the borders to block the entrance of any outside air from corners. It has strap to properly lock the mask over your nose. It also gives comfort and is made of good quality cotton. I never felt perspiration under strap.

What makes it unique is the presence of tiny electric fan that keeps proper air flow inside the mask. So, you don’t need to make efforts for breathing. The fan runs on three different speed modes. When you are running or doing some exercise and need more air to breath, increase the fan speed. For this, it has a button at the base side. Long press that to turn the fan on or off. Press once to change the speed mode of the fan. At the left side of the button, there is a microUSB port for charging it. It also has a notification light at the right of the button. For opening the microUSB port to use, you need to remove the whole rubber cover there that also exposes the switch hardware.

Prana Air Smart Air Purifying Mask Review

Even on highest fan speed, it operates silently. You can feel vibration and very less noise. Other persons can only feel the noise when surrounding is very quite. Technically, it produces less than 26db noise.

The front part of the mast has a plastic cover that is attached to the mask using magnet locks. If you remove this, you can see the green filter plate. This can be removed to change. You get an extra filter plate within the box. When the green part is dusty and white part is almost black, you need to change the filter plate. When you have used both the filter plates you get within the box, you can always purchase it separately. One filter plate costs Rs. 300. Below the filter part, you see vents that is for air flow from inside to outside.

This filter plate is tiny but includes 6 layer filters that are a green pre-filter, 2 layers of Activated Carbon, one layer of Pre-White Filter and 2 layers of HEPA. It offers N95 particulate filtering that can block particles of 0.3 micron in size. Not just dust particles, it can also remove toxic gases like no2, so2 and o19.

It packs a 500 mAh battery that can be charged using the microUSB cable provided within the box. The battery takes less than 2 hours in fully charging. Once fully charged, it gives over 5 hours of fan run time but that also depends on the fan mode you are using. If you continuously use it on high fan speed, the battery backup will not be more than 2 hours. You don’t need the high fan speed until you are running or doing intensive workout. When it is on charge, the notification light will be red and will turn to green once battery is full charged.

You can easily clean it or change filter. Instructions for cleaning it have been printed on the box. Make sure you are not using it in rain or submerging it in water. It has an electric motor and battery.

You can easily get N99 Masks for half of the price. So, technically, those N99 masks can offer better air than this one, but I found this product more effective due to its proper air flow mechanism. In most of the cheap Air Purifying mask, you will feel open space around your noise. If you breath deep in those masks, it will not just pull air through masks but also from corners. When you expel air, it will either use valve (if present in mask) or will make space from corners. And they become useless after some time.

Prana Air’s Smart Air Purifying Mask makes sure that you are only breathing the puffed air passed through the filter. Due the presence of fan, you don’t need to make efforts in pulling air and expelled air will use the bottom vents. You can replace filter and use it for longer time.

Final Words

Prana Air’s Smart Air Purifying Mask is an interesting product. While you could argue about just N95 filter but you will not have to buy new mask again after few months. Just buy a new filter and keep using this mask for long time. The proper air flow makes you comfort and you can wear it for long.


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Prana Air Smart Air Purifying Mask

7.6 Score

"Prana Air Smart Air Purifying Mask give you clean air and comfort both."

The Good

  • Comfortable
  • Proper Air Flow
  • Replacable filters
  • Easy to Clean

The Bad


  • Design and Build 70%
  • Features 70%
  • Value for money 65%