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8 Best Air Purifiers in India under Rs. 15000 | 2019

Best Air Purifiers in India under Rs. 15000
Best Air Purifiers in India under Rs. 15000

Air Pollution is one of the biggest problems people face in big metro cities across the globe. In India, Delhi NCR region is under the attack of smog. So, It is now important to actively think of your health. There is no instant solution to the polluted outside and we need to put lots of effort for the long time to fix that. For the instant solution, you can buy Air Purifier for your home and try to avoid going outside. Air Purifiers are available starting from Rs. 2000 to over Rs. 2 Lakh. But if you cannot afford costly air purifiers, I have compiled the list of best air purifiers in India Under Rs. 15000.

These are the best Air Purifiers in India under Rs. 15000. You can buy any of these and keep inside your home clean. Health is wealth and we must think of it before it is too late.

Best and Cheap Air Purifiers under Rs. 15000

List of cheap air purifiers in India that you can buy under Rs. 15000:

1. Philips AC4025/10 Air Purifier

Philips AC4025/10 Air Purifier is the best and economical one you can buy in this price segment of Rs. 15000. It comes with HEPA filters and activated carbon filters. It covers 323 sq. ft area. It can filter particles of up to 0.02-micron size. You also have the option to set the timer and it also has a sleep mode. It works silently in sleep mode to reduce the noise level and energy consumption.

This air purifier has a 3-step fan speed to control airflow. It also has an easy-to-set timer which automatically switches off air purifier when the set time has passed.

Key Specifications

  • Area covered: 323 sq. ft
  • Power Consumption: 40W
  • Noise: 36dB
  • Filters: HEPA and Activated Carbon
  • CADR: 160 m³/h
  • Air Quality Indicator: Yes
  • Sleep Mode: Yes

Price: Rs. 13499

Buy Here: Amazon Flipkart

2. Sharp FP-FM40E-B Air Purifier:

best air purifier in india

The price of Sharp FP-FM40E-B Air Purifier is the world’s first air purifier with mosquito catcher. So, it not just removes pollutants from the air but also catches mosquitos. The active plasma cluster in the purifier eliminates smell, toxic gases, and VOC from both air and surface. It also removes pathogens (particles up to 0.01microns) like the virus, dust mites, fungi etc. 

It emits the positive and negative ions that occur in nature and generates fresh indoor air. It has a large filter surface area for higher performance and efficiency. The area covered by this air purifier is up to 300 square feet and it consumes 33Watts (max) power.

The notable thing about this air purifier is that its technology has been certified by 28 global labs for safety and effectiveness.

Key Specification:

  • mosquito repellent 
  • eliminates smell, toxic gases, VOC, pathogens 
  • Passive HEPA system 
  • Highest CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) in its category

Price: Rs. 13,551

Buy Now: Amazon

3. Mi Air Purifier 2s

Mi Air Purifier 2s

Mi Air Purifier 2S was the slight upgrade to Mi Air Purifier 2 and one of the best cheap air purifier in India. It comes with an OLED display which shows real time AQI, Temperatur, and Humidity levels. The display can automatically adjusts its brightness according to ambient light. This product can cover 400 sq. ft. That makes it suitable for home usage. It has a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 310 m3/hr. The 3- layer filtration system can remove harmful PM2.5. It can clean the room in just 10 minutes.

The design of the product is also really good. It has a tower-structure design that ensures maximum efficiency while keeping a compact design.

Best thing is that you can control it remotely via an App called Mi Smart Home. You can also control it using Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant.

Key Specifications

  • Area covered: 400 sq. ft
  • Power Consumption: 29W
  • Noise: 30dB
  • Filters: Pre-filter, EPA, Activated Carbon
  • CADR: 310 m³/h
  • Air Quality Indicator: Via Mi Smart Home App
  • Air Flow Control: Triple Stage
  • Modes: Auto, Night, Silent
  • Dimensions: 240mm × 240 mm × 520 mm
  • Weight: 4.5Kg (including filter)

Price: 7999

Buy Here: | Amazon

4. Atlanta Healthcare Beta 350 43-Watt Air Purifier

4. Atlanta Healthcare Beta 350 43-Watt Air Purifier

Atlanta Healthcare Beta 350 43-Watt Air Purifier is another nice Air Purifier. It is priced at Rs. 14000. It has 7-stage air purification for dust-free and healthy indoors. It has pre-filter, HEPA filter, anti-bacterial filter, activated carbon, photocatalyst oxidization, UV light, and ionizer.

The dimensions of the product are 18 x 5 x 33 cm and weight is 4.8 Kg.

Key Specifications

  • Area covered: 350 sq.ft.
  • Power Consumption: 43W
  • Noise: 45dB
  • Filters: HEPA, Activated Carbon, Ionizer, anti-bacterial
  • CADR: 225 m³/h
  • Air Quality Indicator: Yes
  • Sleep Mode: Yes

Price: Rs. 9999

Buy here: Amazon

If you are looking for a fine air purifier with many extra features then have a look at this list of air purifiers under Rs. 25000 in India.

5. Honeywell Air Touch i8 42-Watt Air Purifier

Honeywell Air Touch i8 is also a good air puffier that uses HEPA filters to clean the air of the room. It can cover 36 sq. m. Area. The CADR rate is 300 sq. m/hr and it claims the 3000 hours of filter life. The filter used in the air purifier claims to remove pollutants with more than 99 percent efficiency. It doesn’t emit any harmful gases as a by-product of the filtration technology. It comes with a digital control panel for controlling different things.

Key Specifications

  • Area covered: 36 sq.m.
  • Power Consumption: 53W
  • Noise: 45dB
  • Filters: HEPA, HiSiv, anti-bacterial
  • CADR: 300 sq.m/hr
  • Air Quality Indicator: Yes
  • Sleep Mode: Yes

Price: Rs. 12999

Buy Here: Amazon

6. Philips 1000 Series AC1215/20

Philips 1000 Series AC1215/20

This one also makes use of HEPA technology for air filtration. It uses thick HEPA series 1 filter with NanoProtect technology. It can cover a large area i.e. 677 sq. ft. So suitable for large bedrooms. It has 270 m3/hr CADR rate Andean filter out PM2.5, viruses, and bacteria with over 99% efficiency.

Key Specifications

  • Area covered:677 sq.ft.
  • Power Consumption: 50W
  • Noise: 33dB
  • Filters: HEPA, Activated Carbon, Ionizer, anti-bacterial
  • CADR: 270 m3/hr
  • Air Quality Indicator: Yes
  • Sleep Mode: Yes

Price: Rs. 8499

Buy Here: Amazon

7. Kent Aura Air Purifier

Kent Aura Air Purifier

Kent Aura Air Purifier is the cheapest air purifier that you can buy. It can clean the area of 270 sq. ft.

The weight of Kent Aura Air Purifier is 5 KG and Dimensions are 35 x 18 x 48.2 (cm). The CADR of this purifier is 180 cubic meters per hour. It also has a turbo mode to work fast and purify the air in about 5-10 minutes.

Key Specifications

  • Area covered: 290 sq.ft.
  • Power Consumption: 45W
  • Noise: 60dB
  • Filters: HEPA, Activated Carbon, Ionizer
  • CADR: 180 m³/h
  • Air Quality Indicator: Yes
  • Sleep Mode: Yes

Price: Rs. 5999

Buy here: Flipkart |  Amazon

8. Panasonic Nanoe F-PXJ30AHD 30-Watt Air Purifier

Panasonic Nanoe F-PXJ30AHD 30-Watt Air Purifier

Panasonic Nanoe F-PXJ30AHD features 3D circulation airflow and nano purification. It is portable and can cover the area of 215 square feet. It comes with the characteristics of removing hydrogen from viruses, bacteria, odors, and allergens. The effectiveness of virus removal depends on the number of OH radical.

The weight of this product is 4.3kg and Dimensions (in cm) are 31.1 x 21 x 54.

Key Specifications

  • Area covered: 215 sq.ft.
  • Power Consumption: 30W
  • Noise: 40dB
  • Filters: Activated Carbon, Anti-Virus, Anti-Microbial
  • CADR: 168 m³/h
  • Air Quality Indicator: Yes
  • Air Flow Control: Triple Stage
  • Sleep Mode: Yes
  • Turbo Mode: Yes

price: Rs. 10400.

Buy here: Amazon | Flipkart

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These are the some best air purifiers under Rs. 15000 in India. You can buy any of these air purifiers as per your need. If you know about any other purifiers having features better than these, do tell us.

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