7 Best Air Purifiers in India under Rs. 15000

air purifier under 15000 inr

Air Pollution is one of the biggest problems people face in big metro cities across the globe. In India, the Delhi NCR region is under attack by smog. So, It is now important to actively think of your health. There is no instant solution to the pollution outside and we need to put lots of effort into a long time to fix that. For the instant solution, you can buy Air Purifier for your home and try to avoid going outside. Air Purifiers are available starting from Rs. 2000 to over Rs. 2 Lakh. But if you cannot afford costly air purifiers, I have compiled a list of the best air purifiers in India For Rs. 15000.

These are the best Air Purifiers in India under Rs. 15000. You can buy any of these and keep your home clean. Health is wealth and we must think of it before it is too late.

Best and Cheap Air Purifiers under Rs. 15000

List of cheap air purifiers in India that you can buy under Rs. 15000:

Air Purifiers under Rs. 15000PriceBuy Here
Mi Air Purifier 4Rs. 13997Buy Here
Philips AC4025/10Rs. 13,499Buy Here
Sharp FP-FM40E-WRs. 9,499Buy Here
Atlanta Healthcare Beta 350Rs. 11,404Buy Here
Honeywell Air Touch HAC35M1101GRs. 14,899Buy Here
Philips 1000 Series AC1215/20Rs. 10149Buy Here
Panasonic Nanoe F-PXJ30AHDRs. 10400Buy Here

1. Mi Air Purifier 4

The Xiaomi claims that the Mi Air Purifier 4 is the world’s first TUV Allergy Care certified air purifier. This certification is a trusted signal, assuring users of its superior standard. The Air Purifier 4 effectively filters out common allergens such as pollen, dust mites, and pet dander using its triple-layer filtration system. It includes a primary filter, True HEPA filter, and activated carbon filter which are capable of filtering out 99.99% of 0.1μm particles. Its 360-degree filtration ensures all-around air intake with improved 360° air suction, purifying a standard room in just 7 minutes with a high CADR of 400 m3 per hour.

This model covers a larger area of up to 516 sq.ft., ideal for living rooms and bedrooms. The Negative Air Ionization feature keeps the home fresh by neutralizing pollutants. With smart app control through the Xiaomi Home app, users can remotely enable the purifier, even for family members such as kids or seniors at home, and schedule daily purification.

The LED display provides real-time PM2.5 data, indoor temperature, humidity readings, Wi-Fi status, and operating-mode information, allowing users to monitor air quality using a color-coded light strip. The company claims, the purifier is energy-saving, requiring only 0.8kWh for a full day of purification. This makes it highly efficient in providing pure air while consuming minimal energy, equivalent to less than the energy consumption of two electric bulbs.

Key Specifications

  • Area covered: 516 sq. ft
  • OLED touch Display
  • Power Consumption: 0.8kWh
  • 360 degree filtration
  • CADR: 400 m³/h
  • Air Quality Indicator: Via Mi Smart Home App
  • Air Flow Control: Triple Stage
  • Modes: Auto, Night, Silent

Price: 13,999

Buy Here: Mi.com | Amazon

2. Philips AC4025/10 Air Purifier

Air Purifiers under 15000

Philips AC4025/10 Air Purifier is the best and most economical one you can buy in this price segment of Rs. 15000. It comes with HEPA filters and activated carbon filters. It covers 323 sq. ft area. It can filter particles of up to 0.02-micron size. You also have the option to set the timer and it also has a sleep mode. It works silently in sleep mode to reduce the noise level and energy consumption.

This air purifier has a 3-step fan speed to control airflow. It also has an easy-to-set timer which automatically switches off the air purifier when the set time has passed. The healthy air protects the alert feature informs you about the time to replace the filter.

Key Specifications

  • Area covered: 323 sq. ft
  • Power Consumption: 40W
  • Noise: 36dB
  • Filters: HEPA and Activated Carbon
  • CADR: 160 m³/h
  • Air Quality Indicator: Yes
  • Sleep Mode: Yes

Price: Rs. 13499

Buy Here: Amazon Flipkart

3. Sharp FP-FM40E-W Air Purifier:

The SHARP Room Air Purifier FP-F40E-W employs Plasmacluster Ion technology, a patented purification method certified by globally recognized laboratories like IIT Delhi and the British Allergy Foundation. This technology, combined with various filters (Pre-Filter, HEPA, Carbon), works on the principle of Dual Purification, making it an excellent choice for purifying the air in homes and offices.

The HEPA filter within this purifier is highly effective, trapping 99.97% of allergens and tiny dust particles as small as 0.3 microns, with a standard lifespan of up to 2 years. The Active Carbon Filter deodorizes the air by eliminating Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), absorbing odors like those from cigarettes, pets, and other common household smells, also lasting up to 2 years. The purifier offers different modes such as Auto Mode and Haze Mode, alongside features like Auto Restart, Odour Sensor, and Dust Sensor. The filters have a lifespan of up to 2 years, but their longevity might vary depending on usage, fan speed, and indoor environmental conditions.

Key Specification:

  • Plasmacluster Ion
  • Dual Purification by use of the Plasmacluster & Filters (Pre-Filter, HEPA, Carbon)
  • HEPA Filter 
  • Filters: Pre-Filter (Mesh Type), HEPA Filter & Active-Carbon Filter
  • Modes: Auto Mode, Haze Mode. Auto Restart Feature, Odour Sensor, Dust Sensor

Price: Rs. 9,499

Buy Now: Amazon

4. Atlanta Healthcare Beta 350 43-Watt Air Purifier

Atlanta Healthcare Beta 350 43-Watt Air Purifier

Atlanta Healthcare Beta 350 43-Watt Air Purifier is another nice Air Purifier. It is priced at Rs. 14000. It has 7-stage air purification for dust-free and healthy indoors. It has a pre-filter, HEPA filter, anti-bacterial filter, activated carbon, photocatalyst oxidization, UV light, and ionizer.

The dimensions of the product are 18 x 5 x 33 cm and the weight is 4.8 Kg.

Key Specifications

  • Area covered: 350 sq.ft.
  • Power Consumption: 43W
  • Noise: 45dB
  • Filters: HEPA, Activated Carbon, Ionizer, anti-bacterial
  • CADR: 225 m³/h
  • Air Quality Indicator: Yes
  • Sleep Mode: Yes

Price: Rs. 11404

Buy here: Amazon

If you are looking for a fine air purifier with many extra features then have a look at this list of air purifiers under Rs. 25000 in India.

5. Honeywell Air Touch HAC35M1101G

Honeywell air purifiers in India

Honeywell Air Touch HAC35M1101G is also a good air purifier that uses HEPA filters to clean the air of the room. It can cover 450 sq. ft. Area. The CADR rate is 300 sq. m/hr and it claims 3000 hours of filter life. The filter used in the air purifier claims to remove pollutants with more than 99 percent efficiency. It doesn’t emit any harmful gases as a by-product of the filtration technology. It comes with a digital control panel for controlling different things.

Key Specifications

  • Area covered: 450 sq. ft.
  • Power Consumption: 53W
  • Noise: 45dB
  • Filters: HEPA, HiSiv, anti-bacterial
  • CADR: 300 sq.m/hr
  • Air Quality Indicator: Yes
  • Sleep Mode: Yes

Price: Rs. 14,899

Buy Here: Amazon

6. Philips 1000 Series AC1215/20

Philips 1000 Series AC1215/20

This one also makes use of HEPA technology for air filtration. It has a 4 Stage Filtration process through a pre-filter, activated carbon filter & double layered H13 Grade TRUE HEPA Filter. It uses a thick HEPA series 1 filter with NanoProtect technology. It can cover a large area i.e. 677 sq. ft. So suitable for large bedrooms. It has a 270 m3/hr CADR rate Andean filters out PM2.5, viruses, and bacteria with over 99% efficiency.

Key Specifications

  • Area covered: 677 sq.ft.
  • Power Consumption: 50W
  • Noise: 33dB
  • Filters: HEPA, Activated Carbon, Ionizer, anti-bacterial
  • CADR: 270 m3/hr
  • Air Quality Indicator: Yes
  • Sleep Mode: Yes

Price: Rs. 10049

Buy Here: Amazon

7. Panasonic Nanoe F-PXJ30AHD 30-Watt Air Purifier

Panasonic Nanoe F-PXJ30AHD 30-Watt Air Purifier

Panasonic Nanoe F-PXJ30AHD features 3D circulation airflow and nano purification. It is portable and can cover an area of 215 square feet. It comes with the characteristics of removing hydrogen from viruses, bacteria, odors, and allergens. The effectiveness of virus removal depends on the number of OH radicals.

The weight of this product is 4.3kg and the Dimensions (in cm) are 31.1 x 21 x 54.

Key Specifications

  • Area covered: 215 sq.ft.
  • Power Consumption: 30W
  • Noise: 40dB
  • Filters: Activated Carbon, Anti-Virus, Anti-Microbial
  • CADR: 168 m³/h
  • Air Quality Indicator: Yes
  • Air Flow Control: Triple Stage
  • Sleep Mode: Yes
  • Turbo Mode: Yes

Price: Rs. 10,400.

Buy here: Amazon | Flipkart

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These are some best air purifiers under Rs. 15000 in India. You can buy any of these air purifiers as per your need. If you know about any other purifiers having features better than these, do tell us.

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