5 Best YouTube Vanced Alternatives

YouTube Vanced

A few months back, Google forced the developers of YouTube Vanced to shut down the development of YouTube Vanced. YouTube Vanced was a popular YouTube mod app that offered users an ads-free YouTube experience and premium YouTube features for free. Users could use YouTube Vanced to watch YouTube videos without ads, Play YouTube videos in the background, and other premium features. The UI of YouTube Vanced was almost the same as you get on YouTube. So, users were actually enjoying YouTube Premium without getting the Premium.

People who already have Vanced Manager installed on their phones can still download and use YouTube Vanced, Vanced Music, and Vanced microG. The current version of YouTube Vanced will continue to work but the app will not receive any updates. If Google makes some changes to the YouTube platform, it can break several functions of the current Vanced app.

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Now that YouTube Vanced is not available, users are looking for alternatives. I have tried several YouTube Vanced alternatives to compare their features and made this list of the best YouTube Vanced alternatives.

Best YouTube Vanced Alternatives

1. YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium

YouTube Vanced was popular because it was offering features of YouTube Premium for free. YouTube Premium is also not available in some countries. So, users of those countries had no choice except to use YouTube Vanced for an ads-free experience and background playback. YouTube Premium is the best and legal way to enjoy YouTube to its full potential. It is also the official way to access YouTube without ads. With YouTube Premium, you get ad-free YouTube, access to YouTube Music Premium, and background video playback.

If you have been using YouTube Vanced, you will surely miss swipe controls for volume and brightness in YouTube premium.

Get YouTube Premium

2. YouTube ReVanced

YouTube ReVanced

YouTube ReVanced is the successor to YouTube Vanced. It is the unofficial continuation of older YouTube Vanced with an aim to deliver the same features you used to get in Vanced. YouTube ReVanced offers an ad-free YouTube experience, background video playback, Picture-in-Picture mode, and dark mode. It works with both Root and Non-Root devices.

YouTube ReVanced also brings several other features that were not in YouTube Vanced. In YouTube ReVanced, you can add custom branding, custom Playback Speed, disable Shorts, hide the creator watermark, and more. The app also lets you override screen resolution for clear 4K viewing.


3. NewPipe

NewPipe: YouTube Vanced Alternative

NewPipe is a popular and one of the best YouTube Vanced alternatives. NewPipe is a lightweight and open-source YouTube client for Android with several notable features. You get an ads-free experience and can use most features without registration. NewPipe doesn’t reply on YouTube API or Google’s framework libraries. The app also comes with dark mode and is privacy friendly. The most important thing about this app is that it can be used on smartphones without Google Mobile Services (GMS). So, Users with Huawei devices where GMS is not available can access YouTube.

The only downside of NewPipe is that you cannot sign in with a Google account to sync watch history or add comments to videos.


4. SkyTube


SkyTube is also an interesting YouTube Vanced alternative. It is a free and open-source YouTube client similar to NewPipe. SkyTube lets you access YouTube without your Google Account. So, you cannot sync your video watch history but the app has the option to import subscriptions. SkyTube offers an ad-free experience. The app has some notable features like video swipe controls, the option to block videos or channels, download video thumbnails, non-intrusive notifications, and language filtering.

SkyTube comes in two variants – SkyTube and SkyTube Extra. SkyTube is a simple YouTube client while SkyTube Extra is advanced with some additional features like an official YouTube player and casting. Check both variants and decide if you want to use SkyTube or SkyTube Extra.

Download (SkyTube) | Download (SkyTube Extra)

5. LibreTube


LibreTube is also an interesting YouTube client that is considered as a good alternative to YouTube Vanced. LibreTube uses Piped. It means LibreTube doesn’t directly connect to Google’s servers. LibreTube is a free and open-source YouTube client. You get an ads-free YouTube experience. The app is currently in beta and you may experience several bugs. Like some of the previous YouTube clients, you cannot log in with a Google account.


Wrap Up

These are some good YouTube Vanced alternatives. YouTube ReVanced is the true successor to YouTube Vanced. If you want to enjoy the same level of experience that we used to get in YouTube Vanced, YouTube ReVanced is the app you should consider. NewPipe, SkyTube, and LibreTube are also good YouTube clients for an ads-free YouTube experience. Try these YouTube Vanced alternatives and let me know your favorite YouTube Vanced alternative.

Frequently asked questions about YouTube Vanced alternatives

Is there a replacement for YouTube Vanced?

Yes, there are a few good YouTube Vanced alternatives. YouTube ReVanced is actually the successor to YouTube Vanced which is keeping YouTube Vanced alive.

Is YouTube Vanced abandoned?

Yes, YouTube Vanced developers have abandoned the YouTube Vanced project.

Will there be another Vanced?

We already have YouTube ReVanced.

Why is Vanced discontinued?

Vanced was discontinued after Google sent developers a legal notice.

Is YouTube Vanced banned?

After a legal notice from Google, the development of YouTube Vanced has been halted. The app is no longer available to download.

Will there be another Vanced?

We already have a YouTube ReVanced, the successor to YouTube Vanced.

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