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iMovie is a free video editing application by Apple. This app comes for macOS, iOS, and iPad OS. It was originally released back in 1999 for macOS 8. Since version 3, the app has been a macOS-only video editing app and the app has been made free to all users since 2017. The app offers a complete set of video editing tools and timeline editing. Before switching to Final Cut Pro, I also used iMovie for years. This article is not about iMovie, so I will not talk much about this free video editing software. If you use iMovie, you need to learn iMovie keyboard shortcuts to save your time and boost your productivity. I will add a table of iMovie keyboard shortcuts that you need to learn if you use iMovie.

iMovie Keyboard Shortcuts

Space barPlay/Stop and Start/Stop capture
Home (not available on some keyboards)Move playhead to beginning of movie
End (not available on some keyboards)Move playhead to end of movie
Right ArrowForward one frame
Shift+Right ArrowForward ten frames
Hold down Right ArrowMove playhead forward
Left ArrowBack one frame
Shift+Left ArrowBack ten frames
Hold down Left ArrowMove playhead backward

Shift+click itemsSelect multiple items
Click first item then Shift+click last itemSelect a range of items (in the clip viewer or timeline viewer)
Command+click itemsSelect items that are discontiguous (not adjacent to each other)

Click clip, then Left Arrow or Right ArrowMove audio clip
Click clip, then Shift+Left Arrow or Right ArrowMove audio clip ten frames
Click clip in timeline viewer, then Ctrl+Left AMove video clip to create black frames
Click clip in timeline viewer, then Ctrl+Shift+Move video clip to create ten black frames
Click marker+Left Arrow or Right ArrowMove video crop marker
Click marker, then Shift+Left Arrow or Right ArrowMove video crop marker ten frames

ReturnAccept dialog (OK)
EscCancel dialog
Command+period (.)Cancel rendering

TabMove between text fields

File menu functions
Command+NNew Project
Command+OOpen Project
Command+SSave Project
Command+FSave Frame As
Command+IShow Info

Edit menu functions
Command+TSplit Clip at Playhead
Shift+Command+SCreate Still Frame
Command+ASelect All
Shift+Command+ASelect None

View menu functions
Command+ESwitch to Clip Viewer or Timeline Viewer
Option+Command+PScroll to Playhead
Option+Command+SScroll to Selection
Option+Command+ZZoom to Selection

Bookmark menu functions
Command+BAdd Bookmark
Shift+Command+BDelete Bookmark
Command+[Previous Bookmark
Command+]Next Bookmark

Advanced menu functions
Command+JExtract Audio
Shift+Command+VPaste Over at Playhead
Command+RReverse Clip Direction
Command+LLock Audio Clip at Playhead

Help menu functions
Command+?iMovie Help

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