WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts


WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms and content management systems. It lets you make any kind of website including a blog, e-commerce, portfolio, gallery, property, and more. There are lots of plugins and themes to help you make websites and add features you want to add. WordPress also supports keyboard shortcuts, so you can perform different tasks faster and save time.

WordPress now offers Gutenberg editor for writing blog posts. So, I am also adding keyboard shortcuts supported by Gutenberg editor to make your writing even better. If you know Gutenberg keyboard shortcuts, you can add a new block, change the text to a heading,, navigate to different blocks, undo changes, save changes, and more using keyboard shortcuts. It will surely be faster than moving the mouse and clicking on an option.

Now have a look at WordPress keyboard shortcuts.

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WordPress Keyboard shortcuts

Standard WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts

Select AllCmd+aCtrl+a
Save your changesCmd+sCtrl+s
Convert the selected text into a linkCmd+kCtrl+k
Display the selected text in a monospaced fontOpt+Ctrl+xAlt+Shift+x 
Show keyboard shortcuts (Display this help)Opt+Ctrl+hAlt+Shift+h

Gutenberg Global keyboard shortcuts

Adds a new blockEnterEnter
To display shortcut windowCtrl+Opt+HAlt+Shift+H
To save your changesCmd+SCtrl+S
To undo your last changesCmd+ZCtrl+Z
To redo your last undoCmd+Shift+ZCtrl+Shift+Z
To show or hide the settings sidebarCmd+Shift+,Ctrl+Shift+,
Navigate to the next part of the editorCtrl+`Ctrl+`
Navigate to the previous part of the editorCtrl Shift+`Ctrl+Shift+`
Switch between Visual Editor and Code EditorCmd+Opt+Shift+MCtrl+Alt+Shift+M
To insert a new block before the selected block(s)Cmd+Option+tCtrl+Alt+t 
To insert a new block after the selected block(s)Cmd+Option+yCtrl+Alt+y
Clear selectionEscEsc
Open the block navigation menuOpt+Ctrl+oAlt+Shift+o
Move to the next part of the editorOpt+Ctrl+nAlt+Shift+n
Move to the previous part of the editorOpt+Ctrl+pAlt+Shift+p 
To navigate the nearest toolbarFn+Opt+F10Alt+F10

Gutenberg Block Shortcuts

To duplicate the selected block(s)Cmd+Shift+DCtrl+Shift+D
To remove the selected block(s)Cmd+Opt+BackspaceCtrl+Alt+Backspace
To insert a new block before the selected block(s)Cmd+Opt+TCtrl+Alt+T
To insert a new block after the selected block(s)Cmd+Opt+YCtrl+Alt+Y
To change the block type after adding a new paragraph/

Classic WordPress Editor also supports keyboard shortcuts. If you still use the classic WordPress editor, you can try these keyboard shortcuts.

Classic WordPress Editor Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

Toggle heading sizesCmd+Opt+[number]Alt+Shift+[number]
Align LeftCmd+Opt+lAlt+Shift+l
Justify TextCmd+Opt+jAlt+Shift+J
Align CenterCmd+Opt+cAlt+Shift+C
Align RightCmd+Opt+rAlt+Shift+R
Unordered ListCmd+Opt+uAlt+Shift+U
Insert linkCmd+Opt+aAlt+Shift+a
Numeric ListCmd+Opt+oAlt+Shift+o
Remove LinkCmd+Opt+sAlt+Shift+s
Insert ImageCmd+Opt+mAlt+Shift+m
Insert More tagCmd+Opt+tAlt+Shift+t
Insert Page Break tagCmd+Opt+pAlt+Shift+p
Full screen visual editor modeCmd+Opt+wAlt+Shift+w
Full screen plain text modeCmd+Opt+fAlt+Shift+f

There are close to 500 million WordPress websites globally and it has a 62% market share among all CMS used by webmasters. It shows how popular WordPress is. To effectively manage WordPress, you need to learn about it. I hope this article on WordPress keyboard shortcuts is helpful. Learn keyboard shortcuts of WordPress to be a powerful WordPress user.