Best Instagram Story Download Methods: Download Insta Stories



Stories is one of the most used features of Instagram. The feature lets you share your moments with your followers. Anyone who shares Stories on Instagram can also check who watched Stories. But there are also some ways you can check Stories Anonymously. If you check someone’s Stories, you can only send reactions. There is no option to download Stories of other users. So, there are several people who keep searching for different ways to download Instagram stories. Even if there is no official way, you can still download Instagram stories. In this article, I am adding some of the best Instagram Download methods. You can use these ways to download Instagram videos and photos.

Download Instagram stories online

Instadp Stories downloader

I have already mentioned Instadp in an article explaining how to download full-size Instagram Profile photos. This tool also lets you download Stories and Reels. If the profile is public, you can use this tool to download active Instagram Stories. You just need to enter the username.

Instagram Stories downloader

It will then show you profile details with different tabs. One of the tabs lets you see a full-size Instagram profile photo. Other tools offer Stories and Reels downloading options.

Visit Website is another interesting Instagram Stories downloader tool that lets you download Instagram Stories online. When you open the tool, it asks you to enter the username and solve the captcha. After that, you get the list of all active Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories Download

You can download Stories using the download button. It supports both Photo and video stories. If you are looking for an Instagram story video download tool, try this one.

Visit Website

How to Download private Instagram Stories?

You cannot download private Instagram Stories using normal Instagram Story download tools by entering the username. Stories from private accounts are only accessible to followers. So, normal Insta Story downloader tools cannot access their Stories. But there are also a few tools that let you download Stories from private Instagram accounts. These tools just have one requirement. You need to login into your Instagram on the browser (Instagram for web). You should also follow the person whose Stories you want to download.

Once you have logged into your Instagram on the web, open this tool. Enter the username in the first text box and click on Generate button.

Download private Instagram stories

It will generate a link in the second text box. Copy that link, open a new tab, paste that link in the address bar, and press enter. It will return some text on the web page. Copy the whole content and return to the previous tab where the Stories downloader tool was. Now paste the copied text in the Text Area and click the Download button.

Download private Instagram stories

It will show you all the active Stories of that private account with a link to download each. This method lets you download Private Stories video and Private Stories photos both.

Q. How to download stories from Instagram?

A. All the online tools mentioned in this article lets you download Instagram Stories. You can even download Stories of a private account.

Q. How to download Instagram stories on pc>

A. The Instagram Stories Download tools I mentioned in this article are online tools. So, you can use them on any web browser. These tools work fine on PC and smartphones.

Q. How to download someone’s Instagram story?

A. Open any of the mentioned Instagram Story download tools, enter the username and download the Instagram Story of any internet user.

Q. How to download videos from Instagram stories?

A. As I already said, all these tools support both photo and video stories. So, you can download videos from Instagram stories using any of these tools.