How to see full-size Profile photo of any Instagram user: Insta DP


Instagram is a popular social media app that lets users share photos and videos. With several kinds of interesting post formats, the app is really popular among teens. One thing that most users cannot do on Instagram is check the profile photo of any user in full size. They can only see a small profile photo icon. What if you want to see the full-size profile photo? There is no official way but you can use third-party tools for checking full-size Instagram profile photos. In this article, I will tell you how to see the full-size profile photo of any Instagram user. If you are interested in checking full-size Instagram DP, keep reading.

Note: This article is just for educational purposes. I do not encourage or promote stalking. Do not use these tools to download photos of any Instagram user without permission.

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See full-size Profile photo of an Instagram profile

1. Instadp

Instadp is one of the most popular online tools to check the full-size Instagram photo of any user. You just need to enter the username. As soon as you enter the username, it searches for the profile and shows you key profile data such as fillers, following, and posts. You also see tabs such as Profile Full Size, Stories, and Reels. To check full-size Instagram Dp, click the Full-size Icon.

InstaDp: Full size Instagram Profile Photo

Just below the full-size Instagram DP, you can also see a Download button to download the full-size Insta DP on your system.

The good thing is that it also works for private Instagram profiles. This is because Instagram DP is always publicly available. So, you can check full-size Insta Dp even if the profile is set to private.

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2. Fullinstadp

In case the previous tool InstaDP isn’t working for you, you can try This is an excellent, no-nonsense online tool to check or download full-size Instagram profile photos. Just enter the username and it fetches the full-size Instagram profile photo of any profile.

fullinstadp: Download Insta DP

Like in the previous tool, it also lets you download the full-size Insta DP with a single click.

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3. Toolzu: Download and view full-size Instagram profile pictures

This is also a good tool where you can view and download full-size Instagram profile pictures of any Instagram user. You can also use this tool to download photos, videos, and stories. Open this tool and enter the username. It will give you a profile picture full size.

Toolzu: Download and view full-size Instagram profile pictures

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There is also an Android app for this online tool. I am not sure why you would download an app just to check the full-size DP. If you want, you can download the app.

Wrap Up

I am just adding two online tools where you can check Insta DP. Both the tools work fine, so there is no need to put a long list of tools. You can also use these tools In a mobile browser. You just need the username to download the full-size Instagram DP of any user. I have checked these tools even for private Instagram profiles. Both the tools work well.

Instagram is a popular social media platform with more than one billion users globally. Reels and Stories have made the platform even more interesting. Teens use this platform for hours a day. If you really want to be a power Instagram user, you need to learn Instagram tricks. We have several articles on Instagram tricks and growth. So don’t forget to explore our guide section.

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