How to watch Instagram Stories Anonymously



Instagram is one of the most popular social networks among teens. The most notable feature of Instagram is stories that it copied from Snapchat. Stories feature lets users share a photo or video with their followers for a limited time. Users can also add text, emojis, pools, and animated GIFs to stories if they want. Posts added in Stories remain there for the next 24 hours. Followers and see Stories and reply if they wish. An Instagram user who posts a Story can see who viewed the story. If you check someone’s story, the person will know it. There’s no default way you can see someone’s story anonymously. But there are a few third-party tools that let you watch Instagram Stories anonymously. That means another person won’t be able to know if you checked his/her story.

There are several tools that promise the same but most of those tools have stopped working. So, I will keep updating this tool time to time.

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Note: I do not encourage Stalking or downloading of any personal photos of Instagram users. This post is just for educational purposes.

1. is an online tool where you can enter the username of any Instagram user and it will fetch the recent posts along with the active Stories. Like other Stories checker tools, this also works only on public Instagram profiles. If a profile is private, it cannot fetch posts or stories.

When you open, you will see a Text box to enter the Instagram username. Enter the username of the profile whose Stories you want to see.

watch Instagram Stories Anonymously

It will fetch the profile along with recent posts and stories. You will see two tabs saying Posts and Stories. Click on the Stories tab to check Stories.

See Instagram Stories Anonymously

In the Stories tab, it will show all the active Stories along with a link to download. It will also tell you when the Story was posted.

View Instagram Stories Anonymously

That’s how you can see Instagram Stories anonymously and download if you want. As I already said, do not use these tools to Stalk someone or disturb someone’s privacy.

2. Storiesig

Storiesig is also a popular online tool where you can enter the username and watch the Instagram Story of any public Instagram account anonymously. When you first enter the website, you see a big text box where you need to enter the username of the account. If the account is public and has active Stories, you will soon see the Stories. 

Storiesig: watch Instagram Story anonymously

As the tool doesn’t ask you to log in, there is no way it knows who you are. So, this is another excellent tool to watch Instagram Stories anonymously.

Wrap Up

Now you know how to see someone’s Story anonymously. You can use I have personally used this tool and it really works. As the tool doesn’t ask you to log in, it will never know who you are and there’s no way it can reveal your identity. If you think you are logged into your Instagram account on the browser, use Incognito mode. Now go and use any of these tools to view Instagram stories anonymously.

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