NXP introduces S32 CoreRide Platform to revolutionalize car tech

NXP S32 CoreRide Platform

NXP, a leading designer and manufacturer of chips, has introduced its new S32 CoreRide platform to help car manufacturers develop next-gen software-defined vehicles cheaper and easier. The platform boasts to eliminate the software and hardware integration challenges Automakers face.

SDVs or Software-Defined Vehicles are vehicles that heavily rely on software to control and manage various functions. Just like all the modern cars where most mechanical functions have already been replaced by software-driven solutions. But too many electronics components and software solutions have made the whole system really complicated.

Traditionally, a car needs different functions including entertainment systems and safety features running smoothly together. However, these features come from multiple electronic control units that can get messy. This is what NXP’s S32 CoreRide Platform aims to solve. NXP has consolidated these functions into a more centralized system.

NXP’s S32 CoreRide platform brings computing, networking, and power management systems together with ready-to-use software from various partners. So, car companies won’t have to start from scratch while making a car. Car companies can choose the functions they need and integrate them seamlessly.

The platform has also been optimized to meet the network bandwidth, power delivery requirements, and safety requirements. It also unlocks the benefits of SDVs by providing vehicle data intelligence for the deployment of new capabilities and services.

NXP has also partnered with several other key players including Accenture ESR Labs, ArcherMind, Blackberry QNX, Elektrobit, ETAS, Green Hills Software, and more to make sure the platform works smoothly with other software and hardware.

NXP has already started working on automakers and suppliers. This means we could see cars with S32 CoreRide features hitting the roads in the next two or three years.

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