The first public beta of Android 13 is here

Android 13
Android 13


Google has released the first public beta of Android 13. The update is only compatible with the Pixel 4 and other Pixel models launched after it. It is now ready to install as an over-the-air update. Anyone who already has a developer preview running on their phone should receive the public beta.

This is a public beta and may contain bugs and issues. So, install only if you have a secondary device and proper backup of your data.

Android 13 public beta includes new notification permission, photo picker, themed app icons, improved localization & language support, and more. The update brings more granular permissions for media file access. Android 13 beta also includes support for Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) Audio.

There are also a few hidden features. For example, now it lets users manually adjust the screen resolution between QHD+ and FHD+ on compatible phones. The status bar is also getting a dedicated icon for vibrate mode. The user profile switcher now has a full-screen UI.

This is just the public beta for those who want to get early access to upcoming features. Basically for nerds and geeks. The final and stable release will come later this year. So, wait for it.