Apple will not fix iPhone that had been flagged as stolen or missing

iPhone 12 Pro
iPhone 12 Pro

According to a new report, Apple will decline to fix the iPhone if it had been reported as stolen or missing. The company has sent a memo to all Apple Stores and authorized repair stores to first check if the device has been marked as missing in its internal MobileGenius or GSX systems. That means, Apple technicians will check the IMEI against the GSMA Device Registry before accepting the device for repair.

GSMA Device Registry is a global database where people can report their devices as missing. It helps resellers identify stolen devices. It is advisable for people to report their lost device to GSMA Device Registry if they have no hope of getting it back.

There is also an exception. If the device had been marked as stolen but you provide proof of purchase, technicians might consider your iPhone for repair. The proof can be the invoice you were given after the purchase.

With this move, Apple wants to discourage people from buying second-hand devices outside of official and authorized sources. Not many people know that they end up paying for stolen units. Even if the device is in the warranty period, Apple can decline the repair if the device was marked as stolen. So, take extra precautions before buying a second-hand or refurbished iPhone.

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If you ever lost your iPhone, you can mark it as a lost device using the Find My service. Apple will immediately update its network. In the future, this device will not be repaired if someone brings it to Apple Store or an Apple Authorized Service Provider for repair.

Although, users can still go to third-party repair shops that don’t care if the device is stolen. In many countries including India, people who buy second-hand iPhones mostly go to third-party repair shops because Apple charges high prices for repair. So, this move won’t help much. But it will surely make people aware and will discourage the buying and selling of iPhones from unreliable sources.