5 Best websites to buy refurbished mobile phones and laptops

Refurbished Smartphones
Refurbished Smartphones

Not all people can afford expensive new flagship phones or laptops. this is the reason, the market for the refurbished product is growing. If you are not sure what is a refurbished product, you can read our older article on the refurbished mobile phone where I have explained the term in detail. In short, refurbished product are not the brand new product. It includes products that have been returned to the manufacturer by customers because or a fault or any other reason. Manufactures then inspects the product to make sure it is working fun and then sell it as a refurbished product. A third-party company can also inspect, repair and then a sell refurbished product. I have explained this in the article I referred to earlier in this article. So, you must read that. If you are not sure where to buy good refurbished mobiles and laptops, I have compiled a list for you. In this article, I am putting the list of best websites where you can buy refurbished products without worrying about its quality.

Websites to buy refurbished products

1. 2Gud


The best place I recommend to buy refurbished mobiles is the 2Gud. This website is owned and operated by Flipkart and they sell certified refurbished products. All products on 2Gud have been inspected by certified professionals. The company has 10 days of the return policy and they are also offering 3 to 12 months warranty. 2Gud is offering Mobiles, Laptops, tablets, Smartwatches, and accessories. The warranty on the product is covered by 2Gud, not the device manufacturer.

One important thing to note that they don’t have a website for the desktop. If you are reading this article on a mobile phone, you can click on the link of the website given below. If you are on the desktop, you will have to open the link in a mobile browser. You cannot browse the product listings on the desktop.

Visit 2Gud

2. Amazon

Amazon refurbished

Amazon also has a dedicated section for certified refurbished products. You have lots of products across all the electronics categories include Mobile phones, laptops, Headphones, watches, and more. All the certified products listed on Amazon offer minimum 6-month seller or brand warranty. If you are not sure how these warranty terms differ, read difference Between Manufacturer Warranty and Seller Warranty to have a better idea.

Visit Amazon

3. Budli


I have already mentioned Budli in our list of best websites to sell your gadgets and list of websites to buy and sell used phones. People can sell used gadgets on Budli. The used products company buy from people are then goes into their testing lab where they repair it to make it fully functional and then sell it as a refurbished product.

All the refurbished devices sold on Budli are covered under 6 months Budli service warranty. You can also replace a product within 7 days if it doesn’t match the description or specification mentioned.

Visit Budli

4. Quikr


We all know Quikr as a place to sell and buy used products, but there is also a section where you can buy Quikr Assured certified products. Not all products listed on Quikr carry “Quikr Assured” but and I recommend avoiding those. Products with Quikr Assured tag carry a 1-year warranty by Zopper and 3-day replacement policy. So, you know you have someone to back your product for at least a year and you have time to return if you don’t like it.

Finding a direct link to the refurbished store is hard on their website. So, I am putting links to both refurbished mobile phones and refurbished laptops store of Quikr.

Refurbished Phones on QuikrRefurbished Laptops on Quikr

5. Snapdeal Refurbished


Like Amazon, Snapdeal also sells Refurbished Mobiles and tablets. Most of the unboxed or refurbished products come with seller warranty and I hate that because you need to contact the seller in case you face any issue. But the good thing is that you have a product filter to check products only with Brand Warranty. If you buy a product with Brand Warranty, you can always go to the brand’s service center if you face any issue with the product. Products on Snapdeal carry 6 months of warranty.

Visit Snapdeal Refurbished Store

Final Words

I have included 5 names in the list where you can buy refurbished mobiles or laptops. There were also some other known players like Gobol and Overcart but I am not sure if they are still functional. Shopclues also sells refurbished products with seller warranty. from all of these, I recommend 2Gud because they offer a warranty with home pickup and drop service.  They also have 10 days of the return policy and you can trust a big company like Flipkart.


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