Android now powers 3 billion devices globally

Android Version List
Android Version List


We know about the popularity of Android. The Android operating system now powers around 3 billion devices globally. Sameer Samat, VP of product management at Google, confirmed the number at Google I/O 2021 while unveiling Android 12.

Here, we are talking about devices, not just smartphones. Google’s Android-powered TVs, smartwatches, tablets, game consoles, refrigerators, and more. This is the reason Android’s growth rate is good.

If we look at the numbers confirmed in the past, Google has aded over 500 million active Android devices since 2019 developer’s conference and around 1 billion devices since 2017.

It is also worth noting that Google’s number of active devices has been taken from Google Play Store. There are several devices that use alternative stores such as Amazon Fire devices and several Chinese gadgets powered by Android. So, actual number pf active Android devices is likely much higher than the numbers confirmed by Google.

Android was initially released back in 2008 and managed to grow and dominate the mobile space.

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