Digitek Launches Two Affordable Bluetooth Stereo Earphones


Digitek has announced the launch of two earphones Digitek DBE-001 and DBE-002. Both earphones are affordable. Digitek DBE-001 costs Rs. 895 and Digitek DBE-002 is priced at Rs. 995. These earphones are now available from online stores such as Flipkart, Amazon etc.

Buy from Amazon: Digitek DBE-001 | Digitek DBE-002

Digitek claims that both earphones are designed to offer secure and comfortable fit while engaging in physical exercises. These earphones are built using technology with A2DP/AVRCR high quality stereo music and sound frequency transmission.

Earphones have 10 mm of drive capable of offering 18mw of output power. These earphones use use noise canceling technology to ensure you are enjoying outstanding music without any interruption.

The wire of earphones also feature inbuilt mic, music track selection, play and pause functions, along with call receiving controller.

Digitek claims that the earphones offer 5 hours of talking time or 4 hours of music playback. The battery of these earphones take around an hour in full charging.


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