Google Launches Android Go Pie Edition

Android Go Pie
Android Go Pie

Last year, Google launched Android Go Oreo edition, a smaller and simpler edition of Android OS for cheap devices. Today, the company has officially launched Android Go Pie edition.

Google claims that Android Go Pie is smaller, faster and more secure than the Oreo version. It will free more space on typically-small ROM drives that come with Android Go devices.

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A typical Android install takes over 5.5 GB of an 8GB storage device. The Android Go Pro took around 3GB of space. But the Pie version of Android Go will take up only 2.5GB of space. So, it will leave about 70% of the storage free.

Android Go Pie

Google also promises faster boot times and security features like verified boot, and a dashboard for tracking data consumption.

Google confirms that there are more than 200 Android Go devices available in over 120 countries and more than 100 OEMs are planning to release an Android Go device in 2018. Most of the available Android Go devices are as cheap as $30.

Android Go Pie

Google has already launched Go version of its popular apps to give users light weight apps that offer same feature but take less space on the phone. You can download YouTube Go, and Maps Go like apps. New languages are also available for Google Assistant Go.