Google Duo now lets you leave video messages

Google Duo video messages
Google Duo video messages


Google has pushed a new update to Google Duo with an important new feature. Now Duo users can leave video messages to each other. You can use it when other person doesn’t pick up.

Users will be able to send video messages of up to 30 seconds by tapping on the “leave video message” button that appears while video call is ringing. You can also preview and rerecord the video before sending. There will also be an option to leave a voice message if you prefer.

Other users will receive the video within the Duo app with an option to play the video message. After the video finished, user can tap the “Call now” button to easily call that person right back.

Google has confirmed that video messages that you sent using this services have end-to-end encryption. Google will also delete this a day after they are first watched. If a user wants to keep that video, there will be an option to save a video.

Google says that video messages are the opportunity to share your important events even if other person is not available.

The feature is now being rolled to all Google Duo for Android and iOS users across the globe. It will be available to all over the next several days.