Park Inn by Radisson IP Extension Announces India’s First Voice-Activated Smart Hotel Rooms

Smart hotel rooms
Smart hotel rooms

Park Inn By Radisson IP Extension has taken the hospitality services to a new level. It has launched new smart hotel rooms with advanced IoT Technology integrated. So, guests can remotely control lights and other gadgets in the room with voice commands.

The company claims to be India’s first hotel to bring voice assistant-enabled smart hotel rooms. For achieving this, the company has installed Amazon’s AI-powered Echo Dot devices in the room. All the smart gadgets of the room are connected with Echo Dot. Radisson partnered with Kamakshi Clouds, a Bangalore based software firm for the integration of Amazon Echo Dot with gadgets installed in the room.

Guests can control lights, change music being played in the room, change television channels, turn it on or off, requests for different hotel services including cleaning, wake-up calls, laundry, in-room dining, and room check-out by voice commands.

Along with the voice assistant-enabled gadgets, the company has also used Web RTC technology for providing an app-free solution to guests. So, guests can use their smartphones for managing basic room functions & service requests without downloading any app.

The smart studio rooms had been under intensive beta testing for past seven months and now the company has finally launched it after getting good results in tests.

The hotel plans to bring the AI services to other rooms based on the reviews of guests in coming days.

While the company is India’s first to offer Alexa powered smart rooms, few hotels have already been testing the same. Marriott also launched Alexa powered smart room while Accord Hotels debuted Google Home voice assistant powered smart hotel rooms. After Park Inn’s launch, now I expect more premium hotels to join this and bring smart hotel rooms.


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