Huawei teases new fast charging tech that charges 48% battery in 5 minutes

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Huawei’ watt lab has posted a video to shows us what its new fast charging is capable of. The video claims 10 times faster charging than the current charging speed. This battery uses same lithium ion battery used in smartphones, but it gets its advantage from atoms of graphite bonded to the anode.

The video claims that this new tech can charge a Li-ion battery from 0 – 48% in just 5 minutes. But this fast charger requires you to remove the battery from the phone and plug it into the charger.

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The battery used to demonstrate this charging speed was of 3000 mAh. With 600mAh battery, it reaches 68 percent of capacity in just two minutes. So, it is really fast and can become revolutionary.

If this tech is so fast, I don’t think people would object to removing the batteries and it could also bring removable battery era again.

Huawei is expected to showcase this battery tech at MWC where we should expect more details.


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