Google Home Max is AI powered Smart Speaker To offer premium audio

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Today, Google announced an AI-powered Smart Speaker that knows what sound is good for you. It also has Google assistant built-in to help you. It also supports Voice Match recognize you and offer you the personalized result.

It is the stereo speakers with premium looks and materials. As the original Google home lacks premium audio for music experience, so this is for music lovers to enjoy premium audio.

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Google Home Max

It can tune its audio to its own space. It analyzes its own sound with built-in microphones to determine the best equalizer settings. Google calls this tech Smart Sound and it evolves over time.

It has Cast functionality and input via stereo 3.5 mm jack. It has audio output up to 20 times more powerful than the standard version of Home.

It is priced at $399 and will be available in December. It will also come with 12-months of YouTube Red subscription to enjoy music.


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