Watch how Face ID will work in Apple iPhone X

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Now we are very close to the next generation iPhone and excited for anniversary edition iPhone X. This year, Apple is expected to launch regular updated iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S along with special variant iPhone X.

Recent reports claim that iPhone X will have OLED panel. Initially, it was rumored that Apple will use Touch ID under the OLED screen. Later, it was reported that Apple is ditching Touch ID to favor Face ID. Changes in the code of iOS 11 also suggest the same. Apple could add touch ID on the rear panel, but it decided to drop it.

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Now a new leaked video shows how the Face ID will work on Apple’s upcoming iPhone X. Face ID is basically the facial recognition system that uses the camera to identify a person and unlock the phone. It will also be used to verify identification for Apple Pay.

To set up the Face ID, users will have to take selfies from different angles. This information will be used to verify a person in real-time.

Apple bought tech firm RealFace earlier this year. This startup was known for its facial recognition tech. Now Apple is using this tech in its iOS for facial recognition.

In Pass code section, it just says “Face ID and passcode” and there is no mention of Touch ID. But what about older iPhone models that have Touch ID? I hope older iPhone models will still see Touch ID option on the same page.


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