Google Search Gets Virtual Fidget Spinner; Here is How to Play

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Google has many interesting Google Easter Eggs and it keeps on adding more by taking inspirations from the real world. For past few days, Fidget spinners are very popular. So, Google also added a Fidget spinners easter egg on Google search.

If you are not sure what is Fidget spinner, it is a toy that is marketed as relieving stress. Well, I have no idea if it really relieves stress or helps in controlling anxiety. It gained popularity last year and it is still very popular around the globe. You can often see videos of Fidget Spinner on Facebook.

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How to play  Virtual Fidget Spinner on Google

You can play Fidget spinners right on Google search results page. To play this, you just need to search the word “spinners” in Google. You will see a virtual spinner on the search page.

The virtual fidget spinner shows up in both mobile and desktop platforms. It works on all modern web browsers.

You also get few options with virtual Fidget spinner. You can change it to Number and fidget turns into a wheel of fortune. You can adjust the size of the wheel between 2 to 20.

Virtual Fidget Spinner

If you have some free time to waste, go and try this.


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