5 unique ways to use Fingerprint scanner of your Android phone


Now, most of the phones come with the fingerprint scanner. It allows you to keep your phone’s data protected and unlock your phone quickly just by putting your finger on the fingerprint scanner. So, you do not need to waster 3-4 seconds in typing PIN or putting the pattern to unlock.

But fingerprint scanner is not just to unlock the phone. There are few more ways to use this on your phone to enhance its usability and improve your experience. In this article, I am writing the 5 unique ways you can use the fingerprint scanner on your Android phone. I am writing this for Android only because iPhone has too many restrictions and blocks apps trying to be more creative.

5 unique ways to use Fingerprint scanner of your Android phone

Before I start, you must note that latest Android version offers better feature and more open environment to support better features. If your phone is running on the lower version of Android, some of these ways will not support your phone.

Here are few unique ways to use the fingerprint scanner.

1. App lock

Yes, you can also lock few mobile apps and unlock the access with your fingerprint. You can use this to lock your messaging app, social media apps, and payment apps. Few custom ROM comes with built-in support for App lock. In case your phone does not come with built-in support to fingerprint lock for apps, you can try third-party apps to Lock Apps using Fingerprint Scanner.

2. Camera Shutter

Most of the Android phones with fingerprint scanner support this feature. So, you can just tap on the fingerprint scanner to capture the photos. It helps a lot if the fingerprint scanner is located on the rear panel and you are trying to capture selfies.

If your phone doesn’t come with this option but your phone has a fingerprint scanner, you can use Dactyl app.

3. Quick Actions

Very few phones support the Quick Actions using the fingerprint scanner. Honor devices and Google Pixel have the feature to swipe down on the fingerprint scanner to open the notification panel. For other devices, Fingerprint Quick Action is a nice app to bring the feature on the Android phone with the fingerprint scanner. No, you do not need to root your phone to get this feature.

The app uses accessibility features. So, you need to enable it first and then define the actions for single tap, fast swipe, and double tap.

4. Solo Photo

Solo Photo solves a major privacy problem we all face almost daily. Whenever I give my phone to a friend just to see a photo, he ends up with exploring other photos. With Solo Photo, we can just show a single photo and to see other photos, the person needs to either put the pin or unlock using the fingerprint. Putting pin takes time, so fingerprint is the quickest way.

Finally, you have something to restrict access to your photos while showing one.

5. Payments

Paying just by tapping on fingerprint scanner is the quickest way to pay. With Android Pay, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay and many other payment services, it is now easier to pay with your phone and fingerprint. While these payment services are not yet available in many countries, but you can try if you have these services in your country.

Final words

There could be more creative ways to use the fingerprint scanner. You only need to explore the Google Play store to see if there are more apps offering the creative usage of the fingerprint scanner. If you know any  creative use of fingerprint scanner, you can share it with us.