Review: Atlanta Healthcare Cambridge Military Grade Anti-Pollution Mask in India

Review- Atlanta Healthcare Cambridge Military Grade Anti-Pollution Mask
Review- Atlanta Healthcare Cambridge Military Grade Anti-Pollution Mask


Air pollution level is increasing day by day and now it has become a big issue as it has already hit the Danger Alarm. Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kanpur and many others are the cities in India that are suffering from air pollution. Therefore, for fighting air pollution in India, Atlanta Healthcare took initiative in partnership with Britain’s Cambridge Mask Co and has launched Atlanta Healthcare Cambridge Military Grade Anti-Pollution Masks in India.

I am reviewing the product after using it for one month. The whole kit contains a smart metal box cover, one Cambridge Anti-Pollution Mask, one user manual and one Plastic bag that has a QR code and weighing marks. You can scan the QR code on the plastic bag and check the details online.

This fashionable Atlanta Healthcare Cambridge Military Grade Anti-Pollution Mask is available in many designs and can be used by one and all like daily travelers, pregnant ladies, senior citizens, school going children, bikers or weak immune system people. Also, it is available in 5 sizes from XS to XL.

If you are thinking Atlanta Healthcare N99 Cambridge Mask is same as other masks available in the market then you are wrong. Atlanta Healthcare N99 Cambridge Mask gives you protection against dust pollution and gas based pollution up to the level of 0.3 microns, particle pollution such as PM2.5, nearly 100% of viruses and bacteria. So, think before the use of those cheap masks which are just on your face with no protection offering.

The N99 Anti-Pollution Masks by Atlanta Healthcare come with 3 layers of protection and available in three variants– First, standard mask with no Valve, Second with 1 Valve and third with 2 Valves. Now, These masks are available on Amazon with great discount.Atlanta Healthcare healthcare mask

Atlanta Healthcare Cambridge Military Grade Anti-Pollution Mask’s 3 layers of protection have some amazing works. The first or primary layer is to filter larger particles like dust and PM10. The second or middle layer is known as ‘Three-Ply Micro Particulate Layer’ which is there to block particulate pollution such as PM2.5 and PM0.3. The last layer of this mask is Military Grade Carbon Layer which is made up of 100% pure activated carbon cloth. This cloth is invented by UK Ministry of Defence which comprises of a series of activated carbon filaments. I think this is enough to explain why this Air Pollution Mask is the best mask.

When you remove the metal box seal, this QR code will appear. You can scan QR code and check the details about the masks online. This will give you information about authentication of the anti-pollution mask.

This Atlanta Healthcare N99 Cambridge Mask is designed to work for upto 340 hours and is expected to expire on continuous use of four years. These masks are hand washable which helps to prevent the smell and also keep it clean.

Final Words:

The Atlanta Healthcare Cambridge N99 Anti-Pollution mask is the best air-pollution mask in the Indian market as this mask provides 99.77% protection against bacteria and 99.6% protection against viruses. I have used this mask for one month and found it very useful. It is very handy and can fit anywhere. I also used it during my morning walks and workout, it worked absolutely fine. Till now, I haven’t found any issue. As a user I can say, I am totally satisfied with it.


I wish, the world will become pollution free soon so that no one has to use the mask.