The Rise of Native Advertising and AdNow – Detailed Review


The native advertising is the best way for the advertisers to promote a new business, service or products. This advertising strategy is highly successful, and it is very less intrusive. It can be defined as a subset of content marketing and advertising. It is a practice and usage of content material to construct, consider and engagement with prospective customers. On social media, local ads are called backed posts, but the most frequently used and recognized case is that publishers offer local advertising to their clients as a part of a common advertising strategy.

How native ads dominating the digital media?

Native advertising is anticipated to make up over 50% of display media offered throughout Europe till 2020.  A brand new record forecasts about native advert going to as big as €13.2 billion in Europe by the end of 2020. As per records, in the year 2015, only €5.2 billion has been spent on native advertisement which increases astounding up to 156% this year.

Moreover, surveys are finding that purchasers, in reality, appreciate local as including price, in comparison to blaring and brash ads. Sometimes, due to aggressive appearance of ordinary ads, few clicks have been recorded. You can analyze, if the reader chooses to interact with the website then, virtually labelled backed content material precisely come into action.


Short story about AdNow

The widget based native ads provided by the AdNow can help Publishers to monetize their traffic effortlessly. AdNow emerges as one of the best revenue driven native advertising networks consisting more than 190,000 publishers. I am sure; you will be in need of AdNow at the time when you require high RPM rates. The high RPM rates are expected especially for the people who want to monetize the official websites via native ads. In 2014, there was a collaboration takes place among the digital marketers who were having good experiences in big data and RTB. The primary motive of this establishment is to create an extraordinary ad format and redefine the native advertising techniques. To improve the quality of the user engagement and high revenue for both ends (advertiser & publisher), an extraordinary ad format combining contents and appearance gives the best solution. Overall, the idea of the AdNow is clearly based on the big data, RTB, mobile advertising, content discovery, product recommendation and Effective advertising

Ads Now review

Major benefits for AdNow Publishers

AdNow has several advantages for publishers which include weekly bills, easy customization of widgets, set off multilingual guide system, and lots of extra. Publishers with proper sites get approved immediately. However, being an AdNow publisher, you must have to add one informative article every day such that AdNow can vicinity their advertisements. It offers a unique manner of monetizing website traffic through the content material which traffics are noticeably probable to clicks. When you have correct visitors for your site, then this is one of the highly recommended networks you can use to earn benefits from your website. Monitoring is a breeze in AdNow as they have an efficient real-time reporting device. Their payouts are quite competitive, and they allow publishers to withdraw as less as $20 via PayPal, Wire, Payoneer, etc…

Advantages for Advertisers

Spotting its developing popularity and effectiveness in achieving purchasers, here are few ways advertisers gain from incorporating native advertisers into their advertising and marketing attempts:

  • In-depth analysis of Traffic because AdNow won’t allow illegal and unproductive clicks
  • You can get Low CPC as compared to other Native advertising platforms
  • AdNow support team is highly recommended as they provide dedicated support to advertisers to enhance their performances
  • You can enjoy a wide range of publishers networks which approved by AdNow Publishers Team on key verification
  • Most exciting, Options to set your ads on the basis of most productive day, date and hours. Even you can target campaigns by Network, Browser, OS and Carrier
  • You will get an option to set your daily limits for the campaign. 
  • Getting thorough report of entire campaign with AdNow Macros ID’s

The largest payoff with native advertising and marketing is engagement. Like many direct marketing strategies, native advertising gives great opportunities for interaction, sharing and concept management. The value in native advertisements comes from short-time period interplay and long-time period relationship constructing. When targeted consumers interact with quality advertisers, then Native ads gives the result at its extreme. AdNow takes their advertisers and publishers queries at first priority. Keeping in mind prompt support, AdNow recently allowing direct contact with their support team via Digital Forum thread. You can join the discussion here.


Being a Native advertisement and Content Discovery platform, AdNow is one of the great options for publishers who are still looking to monetize their traffic apart from Adsense. This advert community gives you with associated widgets that display sponsored content material to your visitors. You get paid each time your visitor click or view the subsidized content. So, overall after a detailed article I can say AdNow is not as much better as Taboola and Outbrain, but Yes, they are best suited for medium volume traffic publishers. So, if you are a blogger or being advertisers, you are targeting blog publishers for content discovery campaigns then Join AdNow today !!