Doctor Insta Review: A Video Medicine App

Doctor Insta app
Doctor Insta app


What if you want to see a doctor for consultancy? You will have to take appointment and invest 3-4 hours in travel to clinic and return to home. But what if you can talk to doctor and ask your queries on video calls? Doctor Insta is the app that makes it possible. The all lets you book appointment, talk to doctor and get medical advice with few taps. It not just saves time and also makes the whole process much easier.

The app is available for both Android and iOS. You can download it for free but you need to pay for doctor’s appointment.

Doctor Insta is an easy to use app. You need to create an account and add basic details before you could use the app. You cab also add magic records on the app to help doctors know your medical history and help you in better way. The good thing is that you can also add more people in the same account. If you want to add your parents and kids, you can use add patient option and add their medical records. It will make things much easier for you.

In the app, you see categories to select from. You can select any depending on your illness. In case you are not sure what kind of diseases the category covers,You have an option to check “What Do We Treat?” When you are ready to find a doctor, search from the available list.

Select the doctor by checking profile and rating. When you have selected one, you can go ahead and schedule the appointment at any free slot you are comfortable with. Doctors are available on both phone call and video calls. You will be charged Rs. 400 for the consultation and Rs. 40 for Internet handling fee. Total Rs. 440 is payable for having a conversation with doctor.

You can connect the doctor at specified time and have consultation. You get 15 minutes of time slot for the consultation.

This is really an easy way to connect to the doctors for consultation. If you do not have some serious illness and just want consultation that can be done on video calls, this app can save your time and effort both.

The app also keeps record of your visit history, health plans and your health records. So, you can always go back and take a look on that. There are also few health test for self diagnosis and self monitoring. You can also always download these reports in PDF format.

I tried few self diagnosis tests and generated report to know about me.

Final Words

I really found this app interesting as it makes it easy to get doctor consultation. If things are not too complicated, you can contact the doctor and even have video calls for better consultation without spending hours and waiting in hospital benches. The self assessment tests are also good things to have an idea about your body and behaviour.

The app has wide range of doctors. So, you will surely get the consultation for most of the illness. There are also several packages to get discounted offers for your whole family.

Doctor Insta is a revolutionary app to connect with doctors from your home and get valuable suggestions without leaving your home. You should surely try it once to see how it works. I am sure your experience will be good.