Instagram brings shopping with new shoppable photo tags

Instagram shop photo tags
Instagram shop photo tags


To boost engagement and give more profits to business on Instagram, the company has started testing a new features ‘Shoppable Photo tags’. As of now, it is testing this feature with 20 brands including Kate Spade and JackThreads to iOS users in the US.

Retailers can tag products in their photos which will be hidden behind a “Tap to view products” button. Tapping on this button will load the details page with product price, description, additional photos, and shop button. So, users can directly make purchase and brands can increase sales.

This new description page will work as instant articles on Facebook. So, it will quickly open within the app and users can always tap back to come back on Instagram feed.

Best thing is that Instagram will not take any cut of sales brands make. The company has planned to monetize its platform by offering the way to advertise their shoppable photos to users who are not following the brand’s profile on Instagram.

Watch this video to see this in action.

Brands will surely celebrate this feature as they will not have to suggest users check the bio section and they can now promote multiple products and get serious sales numbers. Fashion products see the good response on Instagram as girls like to like and check new arrivals. Now they have the option to instant buy, that will surely help brands.

These new action tags match user behavior. Most of the people now learn about new arrivals on Instagram and photos and suggest users buy new products.

Instagram is already making good money for Facebook and this new feature will surely turn out to be more money making way for Instagram. Now, Facebook will also have to think about Whatsapp and start making that instant messaging a business.

Source: Instagram Blog