Over a million people are still using Galaxy Note 7

Galaxy note7
Galaxy note7


Samsung Galaxy Note7 brought a big trouble for the company. Even if this was a good flagship phone, exploding batteries made it a worst phone of the history. Samsung tried its best to resolve the issue and even went on to replace all existing sold devices, this move also failed. Replacement phones also exploded for many users.

Now, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is officially dead. Samsung has requested users to shutdown the devices and get a refund of replacement from Samsung stores. Samsung has also opened counters at Airports to give easy replacement to users. Not just Samsung, Amazon has also started offering refunds on Galaxy Note 7 accessories sold via its platform.

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This step was taken considering the security of people. But over a million people are still using the devices and are not opting for replacement. A large number of users are liking the devices even if it is risky. They are not ready for replacement and are now waiting for the next flagship device from Samsung.

Many airlines have banned the phone and some countries have even put the fine if you are caught using Galaxy Note 7.

As the company has halted the production, no user will get the after sale service at any cost. If you keep on continue using Galaxy Note 7, Samsung will not help you in future for any trouble you face with the phone.

Samsung has asked users to shutdown the device to keep them safe. So, users also must take this seriously and stop using the phone. Users are not risking their own safety but also of those around them. So, stop using Galaxy Note 7 if you are one of those.