Download Songs Legally From Saregama for Just Rs. 2 per song; Will you Pay?

Legal Song Download Saregama
Legal Song Download Saregama

One of the oldest Music and media companies, Saregama has announced a new step to take on music piracy. Now, it allows users to download songs for just Rs. 2. It has opened over 1.1 million songs for downloading from its website.

Songs are available in Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi and Tamil. Interested users can download songs from Saregama’s website. The company is charging Rs. 2 for MP3 and RS. 10 for HD format.

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There is no limit on the number of songs one can download. For making shopping easier, company has integrated various payment modes including net banking, credit or debit cards, PayTM and even through mobile operators as a part of the monthly bill.

Most of the people around use still think of downloading song from the Internet or use ad-supported online streaming. But, Saregama’s study revealed the increasing users’ interest in selecting the legal option for music. The company believes that users would be interested in buying songs for this low cost in place of opting the illegal way of downloading songs from Internet. This is what they found in their research.

“Piracy is the biggest threat to our music industry. Our research tells us that consumers are ready to choose legal copies over pirated ones, provided they are affordable and easy to buy,” said Vikram Mehra, Managing Director, Saregama India.

We also think that pricing is very aggressive. But, it still depends on people’s mindset. While they are not ready to pay for the premium subscription of music streaming service, I am not sure if they will think of buying song from Internet.

What kind of music do you consume? Do you download it for offline listening or use online streaming to enjoy music? If you use online streaming, have you ever subscribed to any premium subscription? Let us know this in comments below.


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