Mark Zuckerberg Q&A: Top answers



For the first time in the history of the Facebook live Mark Zuckerberg has done a live Q&A session. In this session, he answered the query of the viewers and also talked a bit about artificial intelligence and virtual reality. Here are the top comments that he made.

First, he started by talking about the Orlando Tragedy. He commented on how a person from Florida made a valid point on how social media can have a deep impact on humanity.“That comment really struck me…we need to come together a community and whenever there is a tragedy around the world, we always find a way to come together, whether it was the earthquake in Nepal where people raised a record-breaking amount…In the last few days we’ve seen that again with people setting up support for victims in Orlando and their families,” said Facebook CEO.

“We’ll keep the entire LGBT community in Orlando in our thoughts and prayers,” he added.

One of the top comments was about the addition of folder to Facebook. To this, he commented, “Will we give folders to store stuff? So here’s how we think about this…there are memories, moments that people care about. We want to create spaces for people to share everything they care about with everyone. Sometimes it will be a photo or video, sometimes it will mean publishing something to the world like a Live video, and sometimes it means sharing on more private or topical places like a family or church group… So when it comes to things like cooking and recipes and create a separate space to share these, we are working on something like that.”

When asked about the changes to the live video, he said that there is definitely scope for changes in the existing framework and talkback feature is going to be their key focus for some time ahead.

Finally, VR and AI appeared on many conversations.

Zuckerberg said, “AI is one area of technology that I’m most excited about for Facebook. We have an engineer at Facebook who is blind and he’s working on a technology where AI can look at your NewsFeed and if you’re blind, then it can read out to you, what is in the photo. Like ‘Hey here is a photo of these friends at the beach or these two friends cooking dinner.’ That’s an amazing opportunity here.”

“We’re working on AI technology for people who are deaf, and then it can automatically add subtitles to videos for them,” he added.

Talking on VR and Facebook, he said “VR is about presence, making you believe that you’re really there…VR will give a new kind of presence, where you’ll be able to capture a whole 360-degree view. Future will get even better with VR.”

Photo Credits: Daily Wired