Ray Kurzweil to build a chatbot for Google

ray kurzweil
ray kurzweil

Ray Kurzweil, a world-renown inventor who made his name as a pioneer in technology related to helping machines understand human language, both written and spoken was hired in 2012 as a director of engineering to work on natural language recognition. Now, from a video, which appeared on the internet recently, we can get a hint on what he is recently working on. The video shows Kurzweil saying that he and his team at Google are building a chatbot, which is supposed to be released sometime later this year.

He was seen answering questions from the audience, quite naturally via the telepresence robot. When asked about when does he think that humans would be able to have meaningful conversations with artificial intelligence, he said, “that’s very relevant to what I’m doing at Google. My team, among other things, is working on chatbots. We expect to release some chatbots you can talk to later this year.”

According to, Kurzweil, one of the chatbots is going to be named Danielle, and it will draw dialogues from the character which goes by the same name in the novel that he wrote. He further added that anyone will be able to personalize the chatbot by adding a large part of their sample, this would allow it to adopt your “style, personality, and ideas.”

He further said that his AI will be able to carry on interesting conversations, however, we will have to wait for 2029 for the chatbots to have the human-like language ability “and everything that comes with it.” When this will be achieved, AI will be able to clear the Turing Test, meaning that it will be indistinguishable from a real person in a blind test.

It is quite obvious that the whole idea of an AI that is simply up to the level of a modern human is not that appealing to Kurzweil, he is more inclined in uploading his own consciousness to the Internet and have a dialog with super-intelligent forms of AI.


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