Google announces Daydream, Android-powered VR platform

Google Daydream
Google Daydream

At its I/O keynote, Google announced a virtual reality platform Daydream built on the top of Android N. This platform aims to improve VR experience on Android devices.

DayDream has specs recommendations for devices that want to run VR on Android. Google confirms that any Android device can run VR but Google will put official ‘DayDream-ready’ tag on devices which will meet the specs criteria given by dayDream.

LG, Samsung, and HTC will launch their DayDream devices this fall. Other hardware partners are Huawei, ZTE, Asus, and Alcatel.

Smartphones that can handle it, Google is adding a feature called Android VR mode into the Android N. In this mode, you will also see the marketplace for VR games and apps. Google has also created special VR versions of YouTube, Street View, the Google Play Store, Play Movies, and Google Photos.

While the phone will provide the computing power and display, users will still need Google’s new VR headset and controller. The company only showcased the references design of it.

Google VR headset

We cannot say how much catalog Google will build before the official release. Google has also not disclosed the price of its VR headset

It is not going to launch until fall, but developers can start developing for Daydream starting today.


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