Sony’s prototype ’Holographic projector’ aims to turn any flat surface into touch display

Sony’s prototype Holographic projector
Sony’s prototype Holographic projector

Sony’s Future Lab showcased its impressive vision at SXSW in Austin. It is working on a projector which turns any flat surface into a touch display. This concept is called Holographic projector’.

It makes use of depth sensors and motion tracking in order to realize when the objects are placed the table. It can recognize if you are pressing the finder or just hovering on the table. It can also track the direction.

Sony’s prototype Holographic projector

Sony also demonstrated this technology but which is pretty hard to explain. In the demo, they opened a book “Alice in Wonderland”. The camera and project then started interacting with the content of the book. The drawing on the book came to life and jumped out off the book. You could drag it to any place on the surface.


This device seems to come with the limited scope but in future, it would be helpful. It can be a good education tool to turn a book into an animated interactive lessons. As of now, it is the prototype, and it will take the time to make this product a reality.

Source: The Verge