5 Reasons Why Windows Phone OS Based Lumia Smartphones Failed To Attract Customers

Lumia Fails

In early days of smartphones, when companies were adopting Android as their smartphone operating system. Nokia Partnered with Microsoft to launch smartphone based on Microsoft’s windows phone os. As the day passed Android grows rapidly and Microsoft began struggling. Nokia and Microsoft has been trying their best to promote Windows Phone OS but all their efforts seems not working. Nokia was the company which first jumped into smartphone market before Apple and Blackberry. But time has changed now and company is struggling. Is there anything wrong with Nokia or Windows Phone?

Lumia Fails

Here are few reasons why Windows Phone OS based Smartphones failed to attract customers.

  1. Windows Phone 8 based smartphones are costly. Although Nokia has launched cheaper Lumia handsets. But it is too late now. Android based smartphones are still available for as less as Rs. 3,500. But lowest cost Lumia costs more than Rs. 8,000. This flexible price range is the main reason of Android’s success.
  2. Customers do not have much options. There are very few Windows phone based smartphones are available. Samsung, HTC and Nokia are the main device manufacturers. But only Nokia is active due to partnership. Other smartphone manufacturers have no interest in launching Windows Phone based smartphone. While Android market is full of single SIM, dual sim smartphones and tablets of all kind of screen sizes.
  3. Lack of Apps in Windows Phone marketplace is also a big reason for failure Windows Phone based smartphones. Before tha launch of Windows Phone 8, there were very few apps in Windows Phone marketplace. Most of the app developers still have no interest in Windows Phone apps. After the launch of Windows Phone 8, Microsoft is calling developers and partnering with companies to bring their games and apps for Windows Phone.
  4. Windows Phone 7.5 and older version of this mobile os had less features that Android version available at that time. At that time, Android got enough time to gain their market share. Windows Phone lacked support of expandable storage along with other drawbacks. That failed to get customers. This made a wrong impression in customers. This is the reason why customers are not betting on Windows Phone based smartphones.
  5. Nokia and Windows Brand Failure is also a big reason for Lumia smartphone failure. Nokia is loosing market share and customers are migrating to Samsung and other smartphone manufacturers. Microsoft had also launched Windows Phone smartphones in hurry. Early version of Windows phone IS was not good enough to make good impression on users. Windows Phone is the weakest brand of Microsoft.

If you have read above reasons, you will find that Lumia is facing difficulties due to Microsoft’s mistakes. Early version of Windows Phone operating system was a big failure. Customers are still not getting reasons to trust on newer version of Windows Phone based smartphones.

What do you think about Nokia Lumia and Windows Phone 8 based smartphones? Share your views with us via comments.

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