Kingston HyperX Skyn Mousepad (Speed) Review

Kingston HyperX Skyn Mousepad (Speed)

In Past, I reviewed Kingston HyperX cloud Pro gaming headset. This post is about another gaming industry product Kingston HyperX Skyn Mousepad. This mousepad package comes with two different versions of the Skyn pad mousepad. One is designed for speed and the other is designed for accuracy. So, you can decide what you want to use. It depends on game you are playing. Few games need fast movement while few wants less movement but high accuracy.

Both mousepads looks almost similar with Skyn branding at the bottom right side. But you will see different symbol before Skyn branding. This symbol lets you identify the mousepad. Crosshairs is for the control and the Hermes shoe is for the speed.

Company only sent me the one pad that has Hermes shoe. It means, I got one that was designed for speed. So, I am writing about Kingston HyperX Skyn Mousepad (Speed).

Kingston HyperX Skyn Mousepad (Speed)

Key Specifications

  • Length: 355mm, Width: 255mm
  • Thickness: 0.254mm
  • Weight: 20g / 0.04 lbs (Approximate)
  • Material: Plastic

At the top side, it has HyperX branding at bottom left side and SKYN branding at bottom right side. I already mentioned the meaning of the symbol you can see just before the Skyn branding. Skin is rough enough to give your mouse’s optical or laser sensor peaks and valleys for cursor control. Movement of mouse on the pad was smooth.

Kingston HyperX Skyn Mousepad (Speed)


Kingston HyperX Skyn Mousepad (Speed)

Back side of the mouse has an adhesive surface. It is easily removable and you must remove it before using this. With this surface, Skyn mousepad will slide  on your desk. At the top left corner, it has protruding tab that lets you remove the pad from your desk easily.

Kingston HyperX Skyn Mousepad (Speed)

I tried this with my regular USB mouse and a wifi gaming mouse. It was working without any issue. Playing counter strike was a fun with this mouse pad. It is thin and lightweighted. You can easily mount it on any kind of table with plain surface.

I was missing the Skyn pad for accuracy while using this. I was thinking to play battlefield with that.

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