Google to launch a Photo sharing service similar to Flickr or Instagram


GoogleAs per new reports, Google is working on a photo sharing and storage service very similar to Flickr or Instagram. Surprising thing is that the service will not be the part of its social networking service Google+. Google is expected to announce this photo sharing service later this month in its annual developers’ conference. Google will also announce Android M in the same conference.

Google’s new photo sharing service will also allow users to share photos on other social networking including Facebook and Twitter. As users will not be forced to use this alongside Google+, this service may attract more users. Previously, it has picasa web albums which was merged to Google+ Photos. But users didn’t responded to that service. It was only used as auto backup of Android photos.

Earlier this year in February, Google also acquired Odysee, photo backup service and shut it down. Team behind Odysee joined Google to work on Google+ Photos. This also hints that the report might be true and Google is really working on Flickr like service.

Separate photo sharing app will help Google in competing with Instagram, Flickr or Snapchat. Instagram offers attractive photo filters to edit photos to look more beautiful. Flickr is the community of photographers which offers 1 TB of photo storage space. Now only these, Facebook is also one of the most popular choice to share and store photos online. Most of the service now claims to upload original photos without any compression. So, the original quality of photos remains same. This is not possible in Instagram yet. But users are already using filters, so they never care about the original quality of photos. But Flickr users seriously care about this.

Last year, there were few reports confirming that Google was planning to separate its photo service from the social networks. Earlier this year in March, Sundar Picahi also said that users should treat Google+ photos as different service. Now, we have this news which confirms that something big will be announced in coming days.

Competition is big enough. So, Google will have to plan something big to compete with Flickr and Instagram. It will be interesting to see how Google brings the concept of Instagram and Flickr at one place. Google+ Photos already offers good features. But users do not want to use it just because they are not interested in Google+. So, having a different service which is not a part of Google+ will surely bring some users to Google’s new photo service.

Source: Bloomberg

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