Google to add ‘buy’ buttons to mobile search results


Google If you are searching for something to buy, Google is planning to make it easier on mobile devices. Soon, Google will put a “buy” button in search results for  products listing. Wall Street Journal has reported that this service will be live in coming months. With this new change in mobile search, Google will surely hurt Amazon and eBay like retailers.

According to report, this “buy” button will only be available in mobile devices when users will search for a product. It will be the part of sponsored search results under a “Shop on Google” heading. “Buy” button will not appear in  product listings of organic search results.

Clicking on “Buy” button will take users to another Google product page where user can select the size and color of the product. Finally the payment to finish the shopping. Google will not sell the products itself, but it will partner with retailers. Retailers including Macy’s Inc. are in talks with Google to be the part of this.

Initially, Google will test this with the small amount of traffic. Desktop users will not see any change. If the test becomes successful, Google will rollout this to all mobile searches. It is also worth to mention that it will initially be available on in United States.

WSJ also reported that product page will show the branding of the retailer who is actually selling the product on behalf of Google. That product page will also recommend other products from the same retailer. Google will also pass the customer’s information including email address to the retailer if users opt-in to get future marketing campaigns from the retailer.

Google will also make your shopping experience better by saving your card details when you first enter your card details. Next time when you shop via Google, you will not have to enter the card details again. Google will automatically load your card details for future purchases on its shopping pages. Google will only pass the payment to the retailer not your card details. So, you should not be worry about the security of your card details. Google will also offer wide range of payment options to make your shopping experience better. Google will still be paid by its existing advertising model, rather than taking commission from the sale. This is also the main reason why retailer will go with Google.

Google always try to make its search result page useful and reduce the number of clicks users do to get information. Google’s knowledge graph was also the part of it. This new step will reduce the number of clicks users do to reach a product page. Retailers who are not the part of this new program can still use Google’s advertising program to show their ads on Google search.

This new step will also bring trouble for those retailers who are not the partner of Google’s new shopping strategy. Google will still show their links on organic search results. But call to action button on ads perform better. So, this new kind of ads will have more chance of clicking. On mobile devices, users also try to get information as soon as they can. Most of users will surely click on buy buttons if they are sure about pricing the product.

Retailers also think that it will make Google more valuable source of their purchase and they will become more dependent on Google. But Google will help them to get sales.

Google is doing changes on mobile devices because mobile searches are now increasing. Google said that mobile searches have surpassed desktop searches in 10 countries including US and Japan. So, mobile searches are now more important. This is the reason why Google released algorithm changes to promote “mobile friendly” websites. Google wants to offer better search experience to mobile users. This is why, it is focusing to bring better features on mobile search results. This new option is also the part of that strategy.