WhatsApp is helping Telegram in Gaining Popularity in India



WhatsApp, popular mobile messaging app is helping Telegram in getting more users in India. This is because of a WhatsApp message which is being forwarded among users in India. This message claims Telegram to be an Indian app and asks people to contribute in “Make in India” campaign by using Telegram app. See the snapshot of the message app below:

Whatsapp Hoax telegram

This message also shows how Indian people are paying 1120 crore Indian Rupees to WhatsApp. Message also shows unique features of Telegram.

People who have already forwarded this message should try to think how many times they have paid for WhatsApp. And WhatsApp has already confirmed that they have no plans to charge in India. WhatsApp will remain free for few more years in India until next announcement of paid subscription.

For those who do not know, ‘Telegram’ is a cross-platform instant messaging which borrows many features from available popular messaging apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat and other. This app was launched by two Russian brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov. Telegram Messenger LLP is an independent nonprofit company based in Berlin, Germany.

Telegram has nothing to do with India.

I was also one of those persons who received this message on WhatsApp. Good thing about Indian people is that they can easily be tricked emotionally. This message is the perfect example of social engineering.

I tried to ask few users who sent me this message repeatedly about the reason of spreading the rumor and received perfect Indian answer.

“I do not have time to research like you. I forwarded what I received,” I received the reply on WhatsApp.

So, people have time to spread rumors and false things. This is not the first time when Indian people have shared a perfect hoax. In India, we see rumors daily on various social media platform.

It is worth to mention that the message has already become popular on Facebook. I have seen few people shared this message.

How is WhatsApp Hoax Helping Telegram?

Surprising thing was not the spreading of rumor. Actually it worked for Telegram. In past few days, Telegram is trending on Google Trends. As Noted by NextBigWhat, Telegram has seen many new users signup and improved ranking in India.

Telegram growth India

Telegram has also announced 1.5 users signed up in past two days.

WhatsApp new Blue tick marks (read notification) may also be the reason which is a bit of privacy issue for many.

At last, I only want to suggest people to think twice before sharing these kind of news. You can search on Google. It will not take more than few seconds.