WhatsApp finally tells when the message has been read



WhatsApp has started rolling out a small but useful feature. Now the app also tells when your message had been read. It not only shows read indicator but also confirms the time when your message was read.

Many WhatsApp users have misinterpreted the double check marks. People used to think that double check mark means the message has been read. But it was not the case. Single check mark means the message has been sent successfully and double check mark means it has been received successfully. Now WhatsApp has added colored double check mark to indicated that the message has been read successfully.

Whatsapp read

WhatsApp has also updated the FAQ section and added the meaning of the newly added Blue double check marks.

WhatsApp read receipt

You can also long press on the message to see the ‘Message Info’ screen to see when your message was received, read or played.

WhatsApp also confirms that read receipt will only be there if the recipient also has the updated version of WhatsApp. In this case, you will be able to see message info, but you will not see the read receipt and read time.

Addition of this feature will be very useful and will resolve many confusions. because if the user if online and you see the double check marks, it does not mean that your message was read. New indicators will make the conditions clear.

You should start receiving the new feature in the newest update of WhatsApp for Android and iOS. So, update your WhatsApp and enjoy this new feature.