Facebook to Slap Posts Asking for Like and Comments


Today, Facebook announced its plans to slap posts asking for like and comments. Facebook wants to deliver right content to right people at right time. For this, it has announced few improvements in the news feed to make the wall better with right content.

Facebook explains that “Like-Baiting” posts will not be shown prominently in News Feed. “Like-baiting” posts are those which ask readers to like, comment or share the post to get additional exposure on social network. These posts gets more engagement and then get shown higher in news feed. Facebook will detect these kind of posts and will not show more prominently in News Feed than other relevant news stories.

Facebook also ensures that you will not find same story multiple times in your news feed. If many people share same thing on Facebook, there is the possibility that you see same thing in your wall multiple times.

Spam posts are also main problem on Facebook. Today, Facebook also announced that it will try to reduce posts with spam links. There are many people who posts stories with photo and links. But visiting on the link will take you to spam websites or websites loaded with ads. Facebook will detect these kind of posts and reduce the reach on Facebook.

Majority of publishers on Facebook do not post spam posts. So, they do not need to worry about these changes. Facebook is testing with small number of publishers and will release for all publishers.