Google Announced Android Wear, A Platform For Smartwatches


Google has announced a new wearable devices platform called Android wear. This new wearable device platform lets OEM partners to come up with better wearable devices. First device to come with Android wear will be LG G Watch. It is expected to come in next quarter.

Google Announced Android Wear

In start, we will see smartwatches with this platform. But it will not be limited to smartwatches. It is designed to be an extension of Google Now in many ways. It will answer your spoken questions and will also provide update and suggestions when you need.

Google has also partnered with several consumer electronics companies, chip makers and fashion brands for this. Company said that many wearable devices will be launched powered by Android wear later this year.

Developers who are interested in using this new platform for their development can head to Google also said that most of the Android apps will work fine as it works with Android’s rich notification systems.

Developer Preview includes new Android Wear API that lets developers develop apps to accept voice replies and work on this wearable devices’ platform.


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