Type ‘Do the Harlem Shake’ on YouTube and See Youtube shaking

youtube easter egg
youtube easter egg

Do you know what is harlem Shake? It was a 30 seconds meme that was popular early February. Now you can see YouTube dancing with a search command.

Just go to Youtube and search for “do the harlem shake,” and wait for few seconds. Be sure to type the text without quote  After few seconds, you will see YouTube logo bouncing and dancing.  The search results and other page elements will also shake. Really nice 🙂 . You will also see a pause button at the left side of the search box. To stop the dance, yo can click on the pause button.

Type Do the harlem shake on YouTube and See Youtube shaking

It is something line Google’s “do a barrel roll” easter egg.

Google always perform experiment with all its product and try to make products easier to use. In the series, it also do some kind of fun like easter egg. Today, Google has also added a nice web presentation to teach world how its powerful search engines works. You can see the presentation and details here.

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