Google Explains How Google Search Works in a Slide



Google has updated its inside search site and added a slide show to show how Google Search Works. The slide show animation is really nice and reveals some amazing facts about Google and web.

How Google works

This slide says that world-wide web has around 30 trillion web pages and it’s growing constantly. Google Follows pages with the help of links and go page to page. Webmasters have options to tell Google whether it should index their website or not. All the steps are detailed in a nice manner. So, it is easy to understand how Google actually works. It also detailed how Google fight with spam and try to make search spam free.

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If we could remember, Google launched a similar kind of slide show to tell people how Gmail works.

See the full slide show and know how Google Works and try to make Google search spam free.

In this slide show, you can also see the screenshots of spam Google has removed from its search results only a minute ago. It’s real-time and can help you to understand it in better way.

See it and share your views with us.