Beware of Fake YouTube, LinkedIn and Google Emails

In the past few days, security experts have found few fake emails apparently coming from popular websites including LinkedIn, Amazon, Google or YouTube. These fake emails redirect users to some websites spreading malware.

Popular security blog Sophos has also posted sample of these kind of fake emails that seems to coming from legitimate websites but are fake. It has shown the example of YouTube.

“Clicking on the links could send your computer to Canadian pharmacy-like spam sites offering to sell you Viagra, or even webpages hosting malicious payloads,” Sophos says.

The mail which claims to be coming from LinkedIn say that the user has “a total of 4 messages” awaiting their response. Similar kind of email is running for Google which says “Google Support has sent you a message: You are on the Top.”

These emails are designed in very well format. Although these are easy to detect by, but graphics are nice enough

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