AOL Unveils Web based Email Client, Alto

altomail, alto from aol

On Thursday, AOL has launched Alto, a web based email client. This is service is available in beta stage and can be joined after getting invitation.

altomail, alto from aol

You does not need to create a new email account for using this service. You can use any of your existing Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL or iCloud account with this service. Alto helps users to organize emails, social media notifications, daily deals, photos and email attachments in easy way. The main aim of this service is to organize emails in friendly manner.

It also allows users to set snooze for some certain emails such as bill payments and invitations. It can also handles up to five accounts per user. It means you can manage all your email account at one place

The only downside of this service is that it does not support Microsoft ‘s email services.

“We built Alto for people who believe, as we do, that organization is beautiful, who are overloaded with email and aren’t happy with the status quo of existing email experiences,” said Joshua Ramirez, Senior Director of Product for AOL Mail. “The way we use email has changed radically over the years, but the core email application experience hasn’t. We’ve taken a deep look at how people use email now, and designed an application around that reality.”

If you want to join this service, you need to request for an account on ALTO MAIL. Enter your email id and wait for your getting invitation.

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