Microsoft launches windows 8

It’s a time to say Hello to the next generation operating system. Windows 8. Microsoft is unveiling the new OS at its Build Conference in Anaheim, Calif. Microsoft is presenting as a welcome to Windows 8, especially in regards to the 5,000 developers at BUILD. This is the beginning of Windows 8 as it exists in a sense that there’s no product launch here from Microsoft, instead there’s an opportunity for 3rd party developers to get on board here right at the start of the next-wave OS.

The OS, a complete rebuild of Microsoft’s flagship product. This new Windows 8 supports touch devices and is designed to work with both tablets and PCs. Growing popularity of tablets may be the reason behind this. Microsoft also claims that new operating system is more stable than all previous versions of Windows 8. It is more secure and company claims that there is no need to install a separate Antivirus program to protect your system.

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