Google Has Blocked All Website Having Subdomains From Search

Google has taken a new step to fight against web spamming and poor content websites. In this, Google has blocked all website having domain from search results. is domain of the company which provide subdomains in bulk and it offers 2 sub domains in free and makes money from selling more domains.
Most of the people use these domains to create website and fill pages with the copy content just to create website and earn with ads. But now Google has taken this step means Google has gotten enough abuse from these domains so blocked entire domain. Many times, we have seen that phishing attack has been done with web pages hosted with domain name. If you are using domain, you should consider switching to a custom domain. It will not cost you much.

Google’s Matt Cutts explained on Google + that Google reserves the right if they see a very large fraction of sites on a specific free host be spammy or low-quality, we do reserve the right to take action on the free host as a whole. If your website is hosted on Free hosting, you should switch on reputed servers. May be your free web host is abused with spammy websites and marked by Google. Do not take chances.

Some months ago Google had blocked a web host from its index, now it was the turn of a domain. If you are the user of these sub domains and think that your website is not junk or spam, you can send index request to Google. Google will think again to index or not.

Do you think this step is right? It is worth to block domains? Share your views with us via comments.

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